9 Simple Ways To Unclog A Toilet – No Need To Hire A Plumber

unclog a toilet

Have you ever wondered about life without a toilet? As we all know the toilet, plays an important part in our regular lives. But we hardly notice our toilets until we face a major problem. An unclog a toilet is a common household plumbing issue everyone has faced in their lifetime. And this is an unfortunate moment that anybody tries to avoid. Sometimes it’s hard for an individual to unclog a toilet by themselves. The first thing that hits your mind is a plumber when we think about toilet cleaning services.

Definitely, hiring a professional will save your time and labor. A clogged toilet is a case of an emergency. Instead of depending upon one solution better try some home-based techniques.

You can clear your clogged toilets without paying a plumber. It’s obvious that you can’t use a clogged toilet without taking proper action immediately. Sometimes calling a plumber won’t solve the problem quickly. In some cases even it is too late for the plumber to show up. And by chance, if it’s a case of holiday then you need to wait for a long time. No plumber! Better you use your own things and techniques to overcome this messy problem. 

If you are facing regular toilet clogging experiences, it’s better to take a step now. Because frequent clogging can damage your toilet. Don’t get agitated or worried about this problem. There are several easy methods you can follow to clean your toilet. With little effort and ingenious techniques, anybody can save their bathroom flooding and toilets clogging problems. Let’s check these simple ways to prevent this household disaster by clearing a clogged toilet.

1. Proper Plunging & Drainage Function

A proper plunging is required to clean your clogged toilet. Let’s have a quick look at the easiest steps you can consider to clean your clogged toilet and water flowing problem:

Ways To Unclog A Toilet
  • Always keep the water flowing system in proper function. Don’t flush repeatedly, after one flush. If your flush isn’t working properly repeated flush will pump more water into your toilet bowl. Better you take out the lid from the toilet tank and try to close the toilet flapper. Don’t worry the water in the tank isn’t dirty. So you can put your hand inside to close the flapper. You can store more water from entering the toilet bowl by closing the flapper.
  • During this whole process, there’s a chance of water spilling or splashing. To avoid such messy situations a proper precaution is required to keep your bathroom clean. Placing newspapers, soaking papers, or towels on the floor will soak the water. And it’s comparatively easy to clean the liquid from the floor. A proper ventilation required to pass out the foul smell from that area. 
  • If the condition is really bad, always put on a pair of rubber gloves. Because toilet seats are unhygienic and unsanitary. In that case, gloves will help you to protect against germs and bacteria. 
  • By these methods, if you can’t clear the unclog toilet use a good quality plunger. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to clean the clog from the toilet. So a standard size rubber plunger will often work in that case. There are a variety of plungers you will get in the market. Try to use a ball-shaped one or foldout a rubber flange on the bottom that makes a seal.
  • Before putting it into the toilet, run under hot water to make it smooth and soft. Next insert the plunger straight into the hole of the bowl. Because you need to do proper pushing and pulling for suction. 
  • It will take a little time to clear the clog. First, push the plunger slowly and gradually give more pressure to make the clog unstable. Sometimes it takes approximately 15-20 cycles to clear the toilet clog. Don’t lose your patience, keep on trying till you find there are no hard obstacles. So you need to continue this process several times. Repeated flushing and plunging will clear the toilet clog.
  • In many cases, the drainage system works eventually but the clog is still blocking the passage. What you can do is just keep that plunger in the bowl. And fill the toilet tank with water after regular flush then plunge again. You need to keep on doing this to clear the clog from the way of drainage completely.

2. Home Based Drain Cleaner

If your toilet gets clogged easily due to excessive waste removal using the combination of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar will work as a commercial cleaner. With these components, you can easily prepare a home-based drain cleaner. Let’s check the procedure to make this drain cleaner:

Unclog a toilet
  • To perform this function you need sufficient water. Half gallon of water is considerable. Next you need to boil the water and cool it for sometime before mixing other ingredients. But it should be mildly heated otherwise it can crack the toilet porcelain. Because you don’t have to use a plunger or any force to clean the clog.
  • After that you mix 1cup of baking soda along with 2 cups of vinegar into the toilet. Then keep it for sometime to fizz the whole chemical composition. 
  • If you don’t have vinegar at place use dish soap or liquid. Without using a plunger this is an alternative way to clean clog. But in some cases these methods aren’t strong enough to clear the hard clog from the toilet. 
  • After pouring the mixture into the toilet bowl, keep that as it is for the whole night. If you are lucky enough then it will drain out the clog successfully. Now this method is not valid for hard substances and obstacles. You can try a wire coat hanger or a drain snake as an alternative way to clean up the clog.

3. Handmade Drain Tool Using A Wire Hanger

This is another quick and simple way to clean the clog. Definitely, you can buy plumbing snake tools from the market. Instead of using a plunger, you can make a drain snake with a wire hanger. It’s a flexible tool that can go deep inside and clear the clog. But if you are worried about the scratches and damages to the toilet porcelain at the same time then these steps will help you to unclog the toilet. The question is how does it work?

How to unclog a toilet
  • Everyone encounters a clogged toilet problem and the effective way to handle it is a drain snake. To make a DIY drain tool at home just use a regular wire coat hanger. You need to bend the wire as much as you can to straighten & unravel it.
  • Bend one end of the wire to create a curved shape hook. Insert one side of that snake inside till you trace the clog. To protect the porcelain damages use duct tape at one end of the hook. 
  • Continuously push and twist it gently in a circular motion to drain out the obstruction. Once the water has drained you need to flush the toilet. You can see that all the nasty and blocked things will be able to flow through the water passage. If the drainage process is still slow then pour hot water to make the clog free.

4. Unclog The Toilet With Plumbing Snake Or An Auger

A plumbing snake is an effective handy tool to drain out any tough clog. It’s a coil that snakes into the drain and goes deeper than a wire. 

And it is designed in such a way that it works smoothly without harming the toilet porcelain bowl. Even a professional plumber prefers a plumbing snake tool or auger to get the job done. 

Ways To Unclog A Toilet
  • Push one end of the snake to find out the source of the obstacle. Augers are flexible and long enough to break the clog deep inside the toilet drain. It will drain out the small pieces of clogs and waste materials. Flush the toilet to check whether anything is left in the drain or not.
  • It’s hard to perform this operation. Another option is to remove the toilet bowl and snake it in a reverse manner. If you are facing a hard obstruction in the toilet drain this could clear the clog. But you need a professional to operate this process.

5. Natural Enzyme Products – A Safe Option

Using a harsh chemical composition or wired tools can damage the toilet bowl. Instead of that use a natural Enzyme waste product removal. To break the clog or blockage in the septic system these enzymes can be used. 

  • You can get it from the market, these enzymes are available at any home improvement store. Natural enzymes considered as the best waste removal chemical that won’t harm your toilet pipes and other materials.
  • But this method only works on organic materials. If the blockage is a hard substance or a plastic toy it won’t clear the blockage.
How to unclog a toilet
  • Always check the instructions and use the recommended amount of enzyme in the bowl. It’s better not to pour excessive amounts of enzymes into the toilet bowl. Keep it for a night for proper functioning. The enzyme will clear the clog smoothly and your toilet should drain properly once again.

6. Toilet Brush- Quick Solution

You can use this tool for a quick recovery of clogged toilets. To perform this operation definitely you don’t have to call a plumber. However it works only for soft clog or the material is close to the drainage system. But before using a toilet brush, put on a glove. Because you need to get down and give full pressure to move the clog. It sounds a little messy and gross but this is the quickest solution. Instead of waiting for a plumber and making it worse, use a toilet brush to get rid of a clog.

Ways To Unclog A Toilet

7. Use Waste Plastic Bottles

Are you wondering how plastic bottles can help you to clean the clogged toilet? Yes! By using the waste plastic bottles you can remove the obstruction. Without a plunger removing a clog from the full blocked toilet, it’s kind of a messy idea but an effective one. If handmade wire hangers aren’t a favorable method, waste plastic bottles could be a good option for clog-free toilets.

Unclog toilet
  • Before starting the process you need to clear water from the toilet bowl as much as possible. When a level of water has been removed from the toilet bowl you can easily put your hands inside. This won’t overflow or spill the water outside the toilet bowl. Take a standard size or a large bottle and cut the bottom of the bottle. 
  • The first thing you need to consider is hand gloves while cleaning the clogged toilet with a bottle. In this case, you need to press the top of the bottle with your thumb finger and put it at the mouth of the pipe. If you feel uncomfortable use a long stick and elastic band to make a seal that works as a lid.
  • Go ahead and push the open end of the bottle into the bowl. Run it vigorously with full effort. Plunge it up and down to create vacuum within the pipe. Make sure it’s fully under the water. This will clear the blockage back into the main drain.

8. Try With Precaution – Wet/Dry Vacuum

This is an advanced method to fix a clogged toilet. But you can’t perform this operation with a regular vacuum cleaner. If you do it will damage the vacuum cleaner and might shock yourself. So with proper safety measures you can try this unique technique to clean the toilet clog.

unclog a toilet
  • To avoid electric shock, put shock resistance gloves. If there’s water in the toilet bowl you need to drain that out first.
  • Next put the vacuum hose into the toilet drain. Cover it up with a dry towel near the hole to make suction.
  • Firmly hold the suction point and keep the hose in place. Turn on the power of the vacuum. The vacuum cleaner will create enough pressure suction to clean the clog. 

9. Time For Chemical Drain Cleaning

This is the last and final method you can try to settle the unclog toilet. Because the use of chemical composition is not a safe option. These types of chemicals are highly toxic and dangerous. You need more precautions while performing this cleaning process. 

How to unclog a toilet
  • There are many chemical drain cleaning components available in the local hardware and grocery stores. But if the blockage is really hard, don’t apply any chemical.
  • Use the chemicals that are made for cleaning purposes. Any other components can be harmful. Always go through the instructions and follow the steps that’s mentioned. 
  • Never think about a plunger right after the implementation of a chemical. And wear protective gloves to avoid any critical situation. Most of the chemical has a pungent smell. Inhaling that foul smell isn’t good for health. 

The toilet is an essential part of your home structure. So proper maintenance is required to keep the toilet system in proper functioning mode. Generally, people consider it garbage but you need to take care of it more than anything. Because a toilet is responsible for keeping a healthy environment in your house. So always check nothing should get inside the bowl like hard substances, your kid’s toys, etc.

Try to avoid these materials such as cotton balls, any plastic materials, toys, diapers etc getting into the toilet bowl. Except your biological waste product if anything goes inside that blocks the drainage system. It’s not possible every time to call a plumber or an expert. These natural enzymes and homemade tools can help you to get rid of a clogged toilet. If you notice anything is overflowing or blocking the toilet bowl drainage, consider these simple steps to clean the clog successfully.

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