What Is So Great About Teak Outdoor Furniture?

What Is So Great About Teak Wood Furniture

What is so great about teak wood furniture? Everyone knows teak wood has its own benefits, but cannot ignore our fair share of doubts while planning for something new like teak outdoor furniture. 

One of the major things that will pop up at the heads of potential buyers, is that the furniture made from teak wood is quite expensive among all. 

The reason is teak wood is renowned for elegance and durability. The quality is beyond the imagination, it also owns some natural properties that other woods don’t have.

Teak Outdoor furniture

What is Teak Wood? 

Teak Wood is a close coarse-grained hardwood with silica content and high natural oil. It is one of the strongest, hardest & most durable of all timbers. It is highly resisting any rotting & impermeable to the effects of rain, frost, snow, or hot sun. 

The merged characteristics make it an ideal timber for all the applications of outdoor and has been the choice of boat builders for centuries. Teak wood is now an elite wood of choice for designers of hotels, upscale homes, and corporate headquarters. Apart from its natural beauty, Teak is one of the most valuable of all woods. 

How is it used? 

Teak is utilized in all sorts of exterior and interior wood applications. It is renowned for its exterior applications because of how long-lasting it is. Some of the exterior applications include marine trim, marine decking, marine millwork, outdoor furniture, residential decking, and decking tiles.  

Interior applications are of utmost varied and usually, are focused on showing the beauty of teak. Some applications of the interior include flooring, marine interiors, holly flooring, moldings, and custom millwork. In applications of the exterior with proper care, teak can last many years. 

 Pros Of Teak includes:  

  1. Extremely Long-Lasting
  2. Great Stability 
  3. Easy to work
  4. Beautiful appearance & coloring
  5. The standard for marine woods & outdoor. 
  6. Naturally water-resistant & rot resistant
Teak Wood Furniture

Here’s why teak outdoor furniture is a great choice

  1. Teak is weather resistant: A remarkable feature of the leak outdoor furniture is, it has the ability to resist all types of weather. It is one of the woods in the world accomodating a natural oil, which repulses the water, keeping it from cracking, wrapping, or becoming brittle. Outdoor furniture made from the teak will resist the strident effect of hard rains, severe snowstorms, broiling sun without its strength shrinking. 
  2. Teak is low maintenance: Outdoor furniture made from the teak woods needs no varnish or paint. Along with the wood’s high content, oil teak will fade to a beautiful colored patina, it will not look patchy or black. Apply a natural teak sealer from the store if it is needed. 
  3. Teak is beautiful & stays beautiful: When a new teak wood furniture has a honey brown color. Over time it will naturally age into graceful patina grey. Other wood can be rusted & worsen when in contact with the metal. 
  4. Teak lasts a lifetime: Teak wood makes for very strong & long-lasting furniture. There are century-old teak park benches in a country from the deconstructed ship. Buying furniture made from teak wood means you will be able to gift the same furniture to your grandchildren. 
  5. Teak is pest resistant: The similar oils & resins that protects against weather served as repellents against insects like marine borers & termites. Selecting the outdoor furniture made from the teak, you may have no need to worry about the pests. 

So these were the reasons why teak outdoor furniture is a great choice and why you should not hesitate from getting outdoor teak furniture.


1. Is teak wood good for outdoor furniture?

An outstanding feature of Teak is that it is weather-resistant, so the teak outdoor furniture will have the ability to withstand all types of weather. Among one of the few kinds of wood in the world that contains natural oil, it repels water, keeping it away from becoming brittle or cracking.

2. Can teak furniture be left outside in winter? 

No matter where you live, teak furniture can be left outdoors uncovered all 12 months of the year. During winter if you choose to cover your teak furniture, then use a material that allows the wood to breathe. Never store it in a heated room.

3. Why is teak furniture so expensive?

Being the highest quality of wood, Teakwood is the most desirable for furniture. In order to produce the desired grade ‘A’ teak wood, it takes almost 40 years to get a large enough tree. As time costs money, so it’s natural that your teak wood furniture will be priced higher than any softer or less expensive wood.

4. Is teak wood waterproof?

The oil that the teak wood contains makes it naturally water-resistant. This quality of teakwood makes it able to resist the harshest of weather, including hail, wind, and rain. 

5. How long will teak furniture last outside?

When left outdoors, Teakwood furniture can last for approximately 75 to 100 years. Teakwood is the only type of wood that can make these claims as it contains a high content of silica that will weather all the elements. 

6. Should I oil my outdoor teak furniture?

Though some people use teak oil to preserve the original teak finish, we will not recommend using teak oil on furniture especially that will be used outdoors. There is a possibility that it might promote the growth of mold on the surface of the furniture and provide you with a greasy feel that will interfere with the enjoyment of your furniture. 

7. Do termites eat teak?

Termites do not like Teak at all but the truth is that termites will eat teak wood if they must, though that particular gustatory experience will not especially be that pleasant for them. For this benefit, investing in teak wood furniture has become common nowadays.


Overall teak outdoor furniture is a great choice for a variety of reasons. It’s true you have to take care of teak outdoor furniture care, but with so many pros to it, it’s never a bad investment. Have queries regarding your next teak wood furniture purchase? Drop them in the comments below! See you in our next article. 

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