Why Is There A Sewer Smell In The Bathroom?

Sewer Smell In The Bathroom

Have you ever walked into the bathroom & smelled an unexpected odor? Probably that would have happened a few times. 

 Have you ever clearly noticed a sewer smell in the bathroom & that is certainly strange? It could be coming from an external source, from the sewer itself. It is important to take action as early as possible to get rid of the problem. The sewer smell in the bathroom is particularly not pleasant but more specifically, there is a chance could be a serious safety hazard. 

sewer smell in bathroom
Sewer Smell in Bathroom

Methane’s found in sewer gas can be inflammable in huge amounts. If the issues are still unresolved, sewer gases leaking into the home can give headaches & critical health problems. So it is definitely something that you do not want to ignore.

Reasons for Sewer smell in the bathroom

  • You could be noticing a sewer gas smell in the bathroom, has to do with the water in your bathroom’s P-Trap evaporating. It leaves the room prone to odors. P-trap is basically the section of piping beneath the sink that is shaped like ‘U’. To protect by pouring about a quart of water into every drain within your bathroom. It can be the perfect trick to fill the P-trap & block the odor. If the odor doesn’t go soon, the problem must be something that is causing the smell. 
sewer smell in bathroom
  • This something else causing sewer smell from a toilet could be because of a cut vent pipe or with poorly installed. The vent pipe sends the gas odors outside your home so you do not smell them. Sometimes a contractor outlet these pipes to the wrong place & that is why you notice the smell. 
sewer smell
  • Have a look if your sink has an overflow mechanism. Like most of the appliances near water can build up grime, so it could be contributing to the smell. Use a small bottle brush, try to clean out the overflow hole to wipe away the buildup. You can also use a turkey baster to blend a solution of half chlorine bleach & half water. This will help you to clear out the grimes. Do not mix chlorine bleach with anything except water. 
how to remove sewer smell in bathroom


1. Why does my bathroom smell like sewage?

If your bathroom smells like sewage, it is probably due to some venting problems in your drainage system. When the vents get blocked, flushing a toilet can create a sufficient vacuum to suck water out of the trap. This allows sewage like smell to enter your bathroom. 

2. What can cause a sewer smell in the bathroom?

A sewer gas smell in the bathroom can be caused due to the broken seal around the toilet in the caulk or the wax ring, evaporation of water in the P-trap piping, or due to any damage caused to your sewer pipes. 

3. Can sewer gas come up through the toilet?

If the distinctive smell of sewer gas wafting through your toilet bowl  , then that means there is something wrong with the plumbing. It might be due to a crack or a leakage in the plumbing vent pipes of your toilet. So, it needs immediate servicing. 

4. Is sewer smell in houses dangerous?

Though sewer gas in a small amount is not dangerous, yet at high levels, these compounds are toxic to humans. Hydrogen sulfide is the primary gas in sewer gas and it contributes to ammonia toxicity at high levels. Even it can cause damage to your organs or death.

5. How do you fix a smelly P trap?

If you smell a stench or smelly odor coming from your floor drain, then it is very likely that your P-trap is dry. All you need to do is re-establish the proper water barrier by simply pouring a few gallons of water. Also, you can add a small amount of vinegar that will help in removing any persistent odors.

6. Why does my shower drain smell like rotten eggs?

The smell of a rotten egg is usually caused due to the backup of sewer gasses through the drain or by biofilm clogging the shower drain. Sometimes, decomposed biological debris trapped in the drain also produces such smell. 

7. Will bleach kill sewer smell?

Bleach kills the majority of the sewer smell-causing bacteria. So when you kill the odor-causing bacteria, you will destroy their smell as well. Here is how you can use bleach to kill bacteria. First, fill your sink with hot water, then add about one cup of regular household bleach to the sink. This is all you need to do.


If none of these steps mentioned above the solutions to get rid of the sewer smell in the bathroom, it will be a great step to call the professional plumbing company to check it more thoroughly. Professional plumbers can only check the main reason for the sever smell because they have the knowledge, experience &  tools to eliminate the problem.

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