How To Unclog a toilet without a plunger

How to Unclog a Toilet Easily

Even with regular plumbing, toilet clogs can happen. If you often find yourself wondering how to unclog a toilet, we always recommend keeping a plunger at hand for an emergency. We all know how frightening it can be if you find yourself with a clog and have nothing handy to fix it. Having a plunger is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get rid of a toilet clog.

How to unclog a clog? There are plenty of solutions

  1. Just Wait It Out: Sometimes, all you can do is simply wait. This method needs nothing but patience (and a second bathroom). The water in your toilet utilizes pressure on the clog in the drain as it attempts to leave. So be ready to wait overnight if you have to. Moreover, you should stop any flow of water, in case you make an attempt to flush the toilet the next day and the presence of clog is still there. 
  2. Plain Hot Water: All you required is hot water and a large bucket. Keep in mind that while the water should be hot, it shouldn’t be boiling. Surging boiling water into your toilet bowl can create cracks, which can leave you in a situation worse than the clog itself. Filling up the toilet with the hot water. The heat is merged with the movement of the water, which should help to break and dissolve the clog. 
  3. Epsom Salt: If your family or friends are at your place and suddenly there’s a clog, and don’t have time to google how to unclog a toilet, you might want to let them know what happened immediately. In this scenario, you don’t have the time to wait for soap and hot water to work. 
how to unclog a toilet without a plunger

Have a look around to check if there is some Epsom salt. The salt creates an effervescent reaction when it is added to water and should break the things up to clear the clog. If you do not find Epsom salt, then a bath bomb can do the trick.

4. A Wire Hanger: If you have a spare wire hanger in the closet, you should be able to fashion a makeshift toilet snake to fix how to unclog a toilet. Expand the hanger and straighten it out. If it has a rough edge, swaddle and hinder a rag around the end, you are going to use to unclog the toilet. Twig the wrapped end down the drain and prod the clog to loosen it. You may have to use some force, but be careful not to use so much that it ends up causing damage. 

5. A toilet brush: If you are not having wire hangers and are trying your ways around how to unclog a toilet, you could use a toilet brush as an affordable alternative. Strengthen the brush into the drain, move it back and forth applying some force. Do not use too much force, for, of course, you don’t want to damage your toilet. 

You may want to get changed before you make an attempt to try this method. Ensure that you put on some rubber gloves and some goggles. Once you are done by applying this method, discard the toilet brush. 

How To Unclog a toilet without a plunger

6. Baking Soda & Vinegar: It is a great blend that does a whole lot more than by making a cool volcano. This mixture makes a remarkable cleaner for various types of surfaces. It can also help to get rid of a clog. Firstly, take about a cup of baking soda and put it right into the toilet bowl. 

Spread it around so that it covers as much surface area as possible and let it sink. In the next step, add two cups of vinegar. Surge the vinegar slowly and in a circular motion so that it spreads more evenly around the toilet. When the vinegar begins to blend to mix the baking soda, fizzing will begin, which should then start breaking the clog. Let the mixture be rest for an hour before you flush. If the first attempt doesn’t work, use the same amount of vinegar and baking soda but let it work overnight. 

7. Dish Soap: If just the plain old hot water isn’t cutting it, you can try it by using hot water along with an addition of dish soap. Dish soap is made to break down dirt, grease, & grime. Put about a cup or dish soap right into the toilet bowl. Add the water & let the mixture sit for a while.  

At times it can take 30 minutes to work. It depends upon the clog, nevertheless, you may have to let it sit as long as overnight. Shampoo can be an ample substitute. 

Unclog a toilet

8. Drain Cleaners: Draining cleaning chemicals is not the most recommended method. The chemicals can be dangerous. They can damage your plumbing and cause chemical burns. You could also use a blend of powdered dish soap and bleach. Use two cups of bleach to a cup of powdered detergent and wait for 30 minutes before you flush. 


These remedies are super easy to try out and should help you fix your issue. Still wondering how to unclog a toilet? Drop your question in the box below and we’ll get back to you asap! See you in our next article.

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