How To Shrink Clothes

How To Shrink Clothes

Various Materials shink differently & it requires different methods of shrinking. It is important to regulate what the garment is made of before you try to shrink it. For example, polyester shrinks less, cotton shrinks the best, fur & leather will be ruined rather than getting shrink. 

  • Wool: 
  1. Wash the garment made of wool in hot water. 
  2. Place the garment in the dryer. Run the dryer on medium heat until the garment gets dry. 
  • Cotton: 
  1. Wash the cotton garment in hot water. 
  2. Place it in the dryer. Turn the dryer on high heat. 
  3. Check the size of the garment at numerous points during the cycle. It is specifically important if this is for the first time you are washing the garment, it is not a pre-shrunk garment. If the look is small enough, place the dryer to low air/heat dry. Let it run until the garment gets dry. 
  • Polyester: 
  1. Wash the garment of polyester in the cold water. 
  2. Place the garment in the dryer, run the dryer on the high heat until the garment gets dry. 
How To Shrink Clothes
  • Pre-shrunk & older garments: 
  1. Boil water. 
  2. Absorb the garment in the hot water. Ensure the water that covers the entire garment. 
  3. Transfer the garment into the washing machine. Use insulated gloves or the long stick to avoid burning yourself. 
  4. Wash the garment by using a little amount of detergent. 
  5. Put the garment in the dryer as soon the washing cycle ends. Dry the garment on high heat.
  6. Check the garment’s size, if it is still too large, repeat the steps for 1-5 till the garment shrinks enough.  


We hope that we’ve have given the perfect information that will solve your queries. So it’s the time to implement all the steps given above, just follow the instructions & will overcome the obstacles to shrink the clothes. For further any queries just drop the text in the box given below, we’ll surely make your life easier by giving the solutions. Ciao!

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