How to Remove Mildew From Clothes

remove mildew from clothes

You must have never forgotten when a wit bib fell between the car seats, only to find a week later i.e. covered in mildew. So how to remove mildew from clothes? Read on to know more.

Mold and Mildew are extremely hard to remove. If you use the following tips then there are chances of removing it from your strained garment. If you left the garment for a little longer in a damp place, wet, dark, it’s no surprise why you’re looking for solutions for how to remove mildew from clothes.

 Steps on How to Remove Mildew From Clothes: 

  1. Use a toothbrush to drag off Mold: If an item has a visible mold on it, you will need to drag off as much of the mold, you can do with an old toothbrush. If an item is a piece of clothing, use a toothbrush to drag off. You don’t want to obstruct the fibers of the garment persistently. You need to remove the maximum mold, the washing machine can clean up deeply into the fibers during the wash cycle. 
  2. Try the soak: Oxi Clean is one of the products, which can easily remove the mildew from the clothes. You need to soak it for an extended period. For instance, You left a dishcloth in the back corner under the sink, soak it for a few days till the mildew came out of the fabric. 
  3. Try the Bathroom Mildew Remover: Spray a bathroom mildew remover on all the stained areas if the soak is not effective. It bleaches your garment, could eat a hole in the garment since the mildew removers are made from the bleach. 
  4. Dry the item in direct sunlight: Of course, the sun is a free source of bleach, once you have completed the soak or bathroom mildew cleaner, wash in the washing machine. Few stains can’t be removed despite the efforts made by you. Mildew and Mold are in the top list to remove the stains. Let the item dry completely, do not dry it in the dryer. You should at least wait for a matter of hours. If there is still mildew or mold then follow the others which can help you to remove the stains. 
  5. White Vinegar: While trying to solve how to get mildew stain from clothes, it is an effective treatment that is safe for many fabrics, you can dilute the vinegar with water & apply it directly to the stain, or add a cup to a bucket of water and absorb the garment for a while. 
  6. Bleach: Bleach is a very robust mold and mildew-killing agent, but stay careful, it can fade colors and damage delicate fabrics. Still, this is your chosen option, check the label for safety, and read the guidelines before following the steps. 
  7. Borax: You can purchase borax as a soluble powder or a detergent. Dilute it. Follow it & according to the instructions on the packaging & utilize it to pre-treat the stain. 
how to remove mildew from clothes

How to prevent mildew stains on clothes?

Now you have an idea of how to remove mildew from clothes, you may be looking forward to knowing how to make sure they don’t get there in the first place. Just take care of these three points: 

1) Take out the clothes from the washing machine as soon as the washing cycle has finished. 

2) Hang your wet, freshly-washed clothes out to dry as soon as possible. 

3) Try not to put any wet garments or damp in your laundry basket. It’s always a good idea to hang recently used towels, swimwear, and gym clothing up to dry before putting them away even if you intend on washing them later. 

Removing the mildew from clothes is one of the tough tasks. If you act on the time and try to follow the steps which are given above, it should help you to overcome the obstacles of how to remove mildew from clothes. Have more queries? Drop them in the comments below.

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