How To Plant A Mango Seed

How To Plant A Mango Seed

Usually, Mangoes are called the king of fruits because they are juicy, luscious, sweet & delicious. They are largely cultivated in subtropical climates & tropical. The best time to plant a mango tree in the summer, when it is warm as they like a lot of sun. It helps to start growing the indoor mango trees after it begins to sprout then re-plant it outdoors. 

how to plant a mango seed
  • Take a juicy mango, cut the fruit from the husk & at the center of the mango without cutting through the husk. Remove the leftover fruit from the husk. 
  • Cut the husk with the help of a sharp Knife. You need to do this carefully, as you do not want to damage the seed that is inside. 
How To Plant A Mango Seed
  • Removal of the seed & throw it away from the husk. The seed will be in the shape of a lima bean along with a lighter area on top called the eye. 
  • Fill the planting pot with potting soil. Ensure to use a pot with drainage holes. 
  • We the soil a little bit. 
Mango Seed
  • Make a small hole, put the seed inside the hole with its eye facing up. 
  • Cover up the seeds with half an inch of soil. The seeds should germinate within a few weeks. 
  • Water the plant with lukewarm water when you see the soil is a bit dry. Mangos do not need a lot of water. 
  • In the final step, replant the plant outdoors when it is strong enough.
plant a mango seed


Planting a mango seed is not a big deal if you follow the instructions given above. We hope that we’ve solved all the queries related to how to plant a mango seed. So it’s the time to implement the remedies & get the best result by perfectly planting a mango seed. Ciao in our next article. 

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