how to get sharpie out of clothes

How To Get Sharpie Out Of Clothes

Having an amusing ‘Art Weekend’ with your kids? Well, the permanent marker is a need in any craft cupboard. If you are wondering how to get sharpie out of clothes then it won’t be an easy feat. To get sharpie out of clothes is an uphill battle, sometimes even possible

That’s why sharpies are called Permanent. Whether you’ll be able to get that mark out or not, depends on several factors. For instance- like the material of your cloth, your ink’s color, the duration since the mark is being made. 

If you’re struggling with how to get sharpie out of clothes, it’s better to act promptly if you don’t want to see your favorite t-shirt going in vain! Taking these into account, here are your best shots to semipermanent marker stain. So without further ado, let’s check out the 100% effective remedies to remove those rigid marks. Here you go! 

how to get sharpie out of clothes

How to get sharpie out of clothes: Steps

  1. Always try to remove the permanent marker stain as early as possible specifically before the ink has a chance to dry. Suppose you are ready to go out but the stain is already there, no need to worry because it may take a little more time to remove which is dried. 
  2. If the strain is still wet then remove as much ink as possible by absorbing the stain with a microfibre cloth. Never use paper towels as it can be ruptured, when the tiny paper articles can be seized in the fibers of clothing. Ensure that you don’t wipe and scrub up the stain because the ink can be spread.
  3. Apply the solid directly to the strain by rubbing alcohol, antibacterial hand gels, methylated spirits should be applied till the wet area becomes wet, hairspray can be applied thickly to the area because it should feel sticky & damped. Leave that solid part on the strain for at least 15 minutes, keep the windows open to freshen up the area. 
  4. The stains should feel quite wet after 15 minutes when the stain is not wet then apply more of the solvent to the area. While fixing how to get sharpie out of clothes, pop up the clothing into a washing machine with a detergent, particularly designed to tackle the stains by taking good care of the clothes. Just pop up one or two caps into the drums of the washing machine, check the instructions before adding up the clothes. 
how to get sharpie out of clothes

5. Always wash at the 30 degrees and wash it separately from other clothes. Now when the cycle is finished assure that stain has been removed from the garment, permits the garment to dry naturally. When some of the strains are still there, repeat the cleaning process once before drying. 

6.  If none of the methods didn’t work and you are unsure about the fabric of the garment, then pop up the garment down to the local dry cleaner or some expert. 

If you don’t know how to get sharpie out of clothes then removing sharpie is always a huge task on the head, but certain steps need to be followed carefully which can help you to save your favorite shirt. Pouring alcohol & hairspray are the most common methods to get rid of this problem. 

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We hope that you have got all the information related to how to get sharpie out of clothes. If you have read the blog thoroughly, you know then how to remove the stains out clothes is not a difficult task to accomplish. 

You just have to follow the instructions step by step & take all the safety measures. Our best wishes to you for the mission. 

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