How to Get Rid of Ground Hornets

ground hornets

Ground hornets may erect nests in rotted tree stumps and spaces in ceilings or walls, but they mostly erect their nests in the rodent burrows. These nests are usually isolated, it can’t be removed. It’s best to leave the hornets alone till they create a threat. If they do create a threat, the ground hornets must be poisoned or trapped. 

how to get rid of ground hornets

The safest and easiest way to get rid of the hornet’s nest is to call a professional. If you decided to do all on your own then mark and locate the entrance of the nest during the day but take all actions in the night, when the insects are most likely to be inside the nests and less active. You must take safety measures by wearing protective clothing like coveralls, boots, veiled headgear and heavy gloves approaching a hornet’s test. 

Binding down your cuffs and collars of your pants and sleeves. You can also set up the lighting plan, using for the distance from the nests because the hornets can be attracted to the light. 

  • Soap and Water can be the easiest plan to deal with the problem. Surge a solution of water and soap into the nest’s entrance. 
Ground Hornets
  • Defoliant dust is the perfect way to kill the colony. Spray at the entrance of nest’s every three days till there is no activity in the daytime around the nests. 
Get Rid of Ground Hornet
  • Procure lure traps and hang them in the area that you may want to get rid of the hornets. Hang the traps from 2 to 4 feet above the ground in an area, that is probably 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean and empty the traps every three to four weeks. However, traps will not abolish the hornets altogether, combative trapping can importantly reduce their numbers. 
Ground Hornet Trap


  • Are ground hornets dangerous?

Yes, it is proven that hornets release more venom per sting compared to any other insect’s sting. Hornets excrete venom which is non-toxic to humans, but when it stings it leaves a copious amount of venom due to its size which could be harmful to humans.

  • How do I get rid of ground wasps naturally?

Following are the few methods to get rid of ground wasps

 1.You may call pest control for professional help. 

2. Use dish soap and water 

Use this method during night time as they must be lazing inside the nest. Trace down their nest in the ground. Place a cloth onto the nest. Make a solution of water with dish soap. Now make a hole inside the cloth and pour the solution. The soap will inhabit their flying activity and water will drown them.

 3. Insecticide dust or spray- Insecticides dust and spray can easily kill the colony. Spray or sprinkle the dusting powder near the nest entrance. Continue to do so until there is no activity seen around the nest

. 4. Set a trap around the nest- The trap could be an old cut bottle acting as a funnel. The bottle will be filled with a liquid-like coke, beer or sugary syrup which can trap the insect and kill them.

  • How do you get rid of yellow jackets in the ground?

The easiest methods to get rid of yellow jackets are-

  1. Aerosol Spray– The best way to get rid of those bugs is to use an aerosol spray. Spray it during night time when the yellow jackets are least active, the chances of you getting stung is lower.
  2. Use a Glass Jar-  You can also place a glass jar over the entrance and exit point. This could lead to suffocation and death of the bugs. 
  3. Use mint oil- Add a few drops of essential mint oil in hot water. Mix them both and spray it around the nest. 
  • What scent do hornets hate?

Peppermint Oil- Hornets can be dangerous when they get disturbed hence use protective clothing to tame hornets. Take 2 tbsp peppermint oil and add it to four cups of water, spray the mixture around the nest, this is a powerful repellent spray.

What is the best hornet killer?

  1. Aerosols are best to get hornets knockdown. 
  2. Residual liquid insecticides. They can be sprayed in the infestation area so you can avoid the reproduction of hornets. Mix the concentrated liquid in water and spray it cautiously.
  3.  Insecticides dust is recommended to kill hornets. 
  • Do Ground hornets die in the winter?

Yes. Ground hornets have a weakness for the cold season and they usually die off during winter months. The main reason is starvation due to lack of food. Only the fertilized queens may hibernate in crevices or any other sheltered places so they can produce offspring and leave their legacy. 

  • Do Hornets come out at night?

No, hornets don’t attack at night, and they are less active after dark. They stay in their nests either tending to their offspring or taking care of their nests; they don’t sleep through the night, too. Except for European Hornets, they tend to attack at night.


We hope that we’ve cleared your queries regarding how to get rid of ground hornets. Now it’s time to implement the instructions step by step by taking full safety measures to get rid of this problem. If you are allergic to the bee stings or if you do not have the proper equipment, don’t attempt to get rid of the hornets, call a professional. See you in our next article. 

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