how to get latex paint out of clothes

10 Easy Ways How to Get Latex Paint Out of Clothes | Fixed

A few spills or drips on the clothes while painting the house is unavoidable. And all you’re left is wondering how to get latex paint out of clothes. If you are using the latex paint, you need to react quickly to remove the stains as it dries up quite fast. 

Everyone has to paint something, although you can find hundreds of videos of tutorials about how to paint, you can’t find enough on the darker side of it- how to get latex paint out of clothes. Tidy people put down tarps, tape woodwork, after all, they call the blue stuff painter’s page, wear old clothes and read the directions on the product they use. You can grab the paint cans, stirring sticks, hoists, and trust your painting skills to protect yourself.

Then there you are with an unwanted stain. How do you get rid of the latex paint on your clothes?

How to get latex paint out of clothes: Tips 

  • Latex Paint is water-based, it is easy to wash off with the water. As soon as your clothes get stained, bring it near a tap of water and hold it for three minutes. Try to do it before the paint dries off. Brush the stained spot to break the paint. Do not rub fervently while brushing it, as it can damage the cloth. 
  • You can use isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) while trying to fix how to get latex paint out of clothes. It can also be done using hair spray, which is available in most bathrooms as it also accommodates rubbing alcohol. When you are done with spraying the dried paint on the cloth, rub it with another piece of cloth. Continue the process of rubbing and spraying until the paint loosens and comes off. 
how to get latex paint out of clothes
Using Alcohol
  • Nail polish remover is like a blessing where latex paint stain removal is perturbed. It not only get rid of the nail paint but also works like magic on numerous variety of paints including latex paint.
  • If the stain is too obstinate, you have tried your luck with other techniques of removing paint stains, then purchasing a thinner can be your next option. There are various types of paint thinners available in the market like acetone, toluene, turpentine, etc. Before trying your hands at them, read the manufacturer’s guidelines to escape from any acute side effects. There should be utmost caution while handling these paint thinners. 
  • The white spirit is known as Stoddard solvent, can be utilized for this purpose. It is an organic solvent commonly used in decorating & painting. It acts as a solvent for varnishes, paints, wood preservatives, aerosol, lacquers & asphalt products. 
  • You can also try methylated spirits for some cleaning action on some stained clothes. It is also known as denaturated alcohol, a mixture of methanol & ethanol. You need to dab the stained spot with methylated spirit & then brush off the paint. 
get latex paint out of clothes
Using Paint Thinner
  • If it’s a white cloth that had a cataclysm of getting stained, then enzyme presoak products could prove to be of great help in abolishing the stains. These products are bleaches which accommodates enzymes as ingredients. They have to be used in normal or cold temperatures, only as hot water deactivates the enzymes present in them. Chlorine bleached water also hampers the activity of enzymes. 
  • The remedy of stain removal depends on the state of the stain. If it is a comparably recent stain, that is if it has not dried yet, then you can utilize ivory soap on it. Rinse the stained garment under cold water. Try to remove the dried paint with a plastic butty without damaging the cloth. Apply a bar of ivory soap on the stain and rub it rigorously to make the stains disappear. If the step does not work, then repeat the same procedure & soak the cloth in the cold water. Put a little bit of detergent in it. Now rinse it with the cloth till you the achievable results. 
  • Once the paint has been dried up, the chances that stains are going to be stubborn to remove. Latex paints dry up quickly as compared to other paints. You may need to find a source of water as soon as you see it on the fabric. If you lately noticed the stain, there are still tricks that can help you in this regard. You can make utilize of paintbrush restoring products in such cases. 
how to get latex paint out of cloth
  • Another cleaning that has got positive reviews before is OOPS. It’s an all-purpose stain remover that is effective on different types of surfaces including fabric. Using this product on the cloth may damage its fibers to some extent. To apply this product first on the dampened cloth and then rub its cloth on the stained garment. 


While trying to solve how to get latex paint out of clothes, make sure you avoid skin contact with it and follow the instructions given above. Also, it’s best if you do not use this product on a delicate garment.

If nothing works then as last efforts you can use maximum strength cleaning agents to save your favorite pair of jeans or shirt. We hope that we’ve cleared all the queries regarding how to get latex paint out of clothes, now it’s the time to implement these steps to get rid of the stains. See you in our next article.  

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