How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes

How to Get Gum Out of Clothes

It’s always a surprise to find a wedge of gum stuck in the coat’s pocket or to the seat of your pants. As irritating as it can be, life would be so easier if we know how to get gum out of clothes and that some of the tricks are actually the easiest hacks.

A variety of household items includes vinegar, rice, rubbing alcohol, and also peanut butter, which can help you to get rid of the gummy mess. If you are at your home or work, here are some cleaning process which will help you solve how to get gum out of clothes. 

How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes

How to get gum out of clothes: 10 easy steps

  1. Remove the gum with ice: Put the ice cubes or a freezer pack upward the gum for 20 minutes. It will freeze and solidify the gum, you can burst or scrape it off with a dull knife, credit card or paint scraper. The experts of Clorox cleaning removing any gum, left in the fabrics through dry cleaning solvent, before treating the remaining of the stain. 
  2. Freeze gum off clothing: How to get gum out of clothes with this technique? Grasp off than ice, the technique lets the freezer to do work. Flip the gum studded garment in the freezer for an hour. Once the gum hardens, drag it off as above. 
  3. Clean the gum with more of gum: The best thing for removing the gum may seem unreasonable, you can also actually use the gum to the benefit while cleaning up a sticky mess. Use another wedge of chewed gum or a piece of duct tape to remove the stuck-on gum. Apply the chewed gum directly to stuck on the gum & do not add more sticky of substances. 
  4. Remove gum with an iron: Rotate the gum-side down at a top piece of cardboard. Press a high heat iron set it on medium on the back of the garment, you can spread the gummy mess. When the heat melts the gum, the wad will be transferred to the cardboard. 
  5. Use gum-removing products: Pull off the loose gum as much as you can, apply a sticker known as goo gone to soften the remaining of the gum. Spray the canned air directly into the gum, till it is quite hard enough to scrape off. 
  6. Remove gum with alcohol: Use a sponge swab to apply the rubbing alcohol across the gum. Let the gum submerged through & dry. Pull the wad with a strip of duct tape. 
  7. Use gum-removing products: First, carry off as much loose gum as you can. Apply an adhesive remover or a sticker such as Goo Gone to soften the remaining gum. Abolish the residue with a scraper or a clean white rag. 
  8. Clean gum with detergent: Use a tooth to rub liquid laundry or dish soap directly into the gum. It should break the gum’s fibers and you can easily scrape off the wad. Wash the garment, applying stain remover if required. 
  9. Remove gum with peanut butter: Outspread a generous amount of peanut butter over the gum. Let it stay for a few minutes to permit the oils & fats in the peanut butter to make them gum less sticky. 
  10. Tackle gum with canned air: Canned air does more than cleaning computer keywords. It acts as a freezing agent that consolidates the gum. Spray canned air directly into the gum till it is hard enough to be scrapped off. 
How To Get Gum Out Of Clothes


We know that it is the most unbearable moment when a piece of gum is stuck in your favorite clothes. How to get gum out of clothes? Don’t panic! All you need to do is follow the instructions given above and that will help you to overcome the obstacle of getting gum out of clothes. 

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