How to Get Gum Off the Shoes

How to Get Gum Off the Shoes

Everyone at some time has walked in gum in their life, specifically when your shoes are brand new. Arguably, it is not a fun experience in which you may have faced a crisis to remove the gum. So here are some steps to give knowledge about how to get gum off the shoes is: 

  1. Put the shoe in a plastic bag: Take your gum-ridden shoe & put it inside the plastic bag such as a grocery bag or food storage bag. It does not matter if the entire shoe doesn’t fit in the bag, assure that the part with the gum is pressed against the plastic. 
  2. Press the plastic against the gum: Press the plastic bag rigidly against the piece of gum for several seconds. You need the gum to the plastic bag before the freezing. 
  3. Put the shoe in the freezer: Put the shoes in the freezer by clearing a space in your freezer for the plastic-covered shoe. If the shoe is not getting fully inside the plastic bag, you may have to keep it away from the food items, to avoid spreading any germs. 
  4. Leave the shoe in a freezer for an hour or two: It will gum the chance to freeze into the plastic bag. Once it is frozen, remove the shoe & bag from the freezer. 
How to Get Gum Off the Shoes
How to Get Gum Off the Shoes
  • Steps for using WD-40 to remove the gum from the shoes: 
  • Spray the gum with WD-40 by getting a can of WD-40 available in the supermarkets, spray it on the sole of your shoe, on & around the gum. Let it be on for at least one minute to permit the WD-40 to loosen the gum adhering bond. 
How to Get Gum Off the Shoes
Get Gum Off the Shoes
  • Wipe away the gum by using a paper towel, rag, or any cloth to wipe the gum away from the shoe. It should come quite easy now, if not then give the gum a second spray & try again. 
  • Clean the sole of your shoe: Once the gum is removed, use a paper towel, clean rag to wipe the shoe again to remove the additional surplus left from the spray. 
  • Steps for using sand & stick to remove the gum from shoes: 
  1. Search a wooden stick & some dry sand: This method will work if you are outside & stepped on some fresh gum that is pretty elastic & soft. You need some dry sand & a small wooden stick. 
  2. Sprinkle sand over the gum: Remove your shoes & sprinkle sand on the top of the gum. Use this thick to start rubbing the sand into the gum. 
  3. Continue to add more sand & keep rubbing: When the gum starts to come away, sprinkle the sand on top & continue rubbing. The sand acts like a desquamate for the bottom of your shoe.


    It happened when many times the gum stuck in the shoes but we got the solutions to remove it by some of the instructions given above which you should follow. So any further queries if you have can write up in the box given below, we’ll instantly reply to you. See you in our next article. 

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