How To Get Dry Erase Marker Out Of Clothes

How To Get Dry Erase Marker Out Of Clothes

If you have children in the school or work in a school, the dry marker may sometimes stain your clothing. It’s quite easy to remove the dry erase marker with the right supplies. So how to get dry erase marker out of clothes?

You can also use Murphy’s oil to remove dry erase marker. You can use a blend of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. Ensure to test your cleaning material on a patch of the fabric, firstly assure that it will not stain the fabric. 

What will you need? 

Handling stains from  dry erase markers  can be frustrating. Nevertheless, with the correct supplies, it does not have to be a process that gives you any anxiety. There are some items given below that you will need for this procedure: 

  1. Washcloths
  2. Laundry Detergent
  3. An old toothbrush
  4. Hand Wash
  5. Vinegar 
  6. Murphy’s Oil Soap
  7. Towels
  8. Clean Water 

Once you collect all your tools while fixing how to get dry erase marker out of clothes, getting the mask done will feel like an achievement of hard work. 

  Steps on how to get dry erase marker out of clothes: 

  1. Place an absorptive towel under the fabric: The towel you use will be stained, choose an old towel that you do not mind damaging. Place the towel beneath the fabric, you are cleaning it on a flat surface. Ensure the towel is thick to absorb the additional moisture. 
  2. Dip a toothbrush in Murphy’s oil: You can use the unused toothbrush, get the toothbrush completely soaked in Murphy’s oil. The best outcome from this method can come with a wet toothbrush. Put an absorptive piece of towel or cloth under the stained fabric or any other option you select is bound to get the stains. Soak an old toothbrush, or extra unused one if you have in Murphy’s oil, and ensure that it gets fully saturated in the oil. 
  3. Rub out the stain: Rub the toothbrush into the stain, by adding new Murphy’s oil as necessary. Move the towel beneath as needed to absorb excess liquid. Rub all the stains till suds appear & keep rubbing until the stain is faded. 
  4. Wash the clothing with clean water: Take a clean sponge & soaked it with the clean water. Rub the sponge into the clothing to remove Murphy’s oil & dish soap. Keep rubbing the sponge till the water from the sponge runs clear. 
  5. Dab the stain with rubbing alcohol: Dab a few amounts of rubbing alcohol on a clean sponge, dab the sponge on the stain. Use gentle absorbing motions. Rubbing the stain could cause it smudged. Blot the stain until it is being faded. 
  6. Soak the clothing: To resolve how to get dry erase marker out of clothes, put the garment in the sink, leave the garment in the sink for at least 15 minutes. After the completion of this procedure, the stains should be gone. 
  7. Wash the clothing in the laundry as usual: Once the stains are gone, you can wash the garment in the laundry as well. This will lead to the removal of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Ensure to wring the garment out when it is removed from the sink. It will prevent the excess water from spilling into the floor. 


1. Does vinegar get rid of permanent markers?

Yes, it is possible to remove permanent markers from leather surfaces using distilled white vinegar. Wait for a few minutes to let the vinegar sit on the stain so that it penetrates. Then with the help of a damp cloth, you can wipe off the stains. 

2. Can isopropyl alcohol damage clothes?

Isopropyl alcohol, being a strong stain solution, is not the best choice for fabrics. Its strength can damage some fabrics, while it may also lead to the faded color on some fabrics. 

3. How does Hairspray remove permanent markers from clothes?

Soak a cotton ball with hairspray and press it firmly against the stain. Now, blot the stain with the cotton ball repeatedly, as and when needed. If it works, you will notice that the stain is transferring from the cloth to the cotton ball. Continue as long as is needed and make sure to replace the cotton ball once it gets dirty. 

4. How do you get whiteboard markers out of clothes?

Follow these steps to remove marker out of clothes:

  • Place several paper towels on a table
  • Apply rubbing alcohol around the stained area using a sponge
  • Continue rubbing until the stain gets removed and then rinse the clothes thoroughly with clean water. 

5. Can you get pen out of clothes after drying?

After washing or drying the clothes, if you find that the ink stains remain, then try rubbing alcohol upon the ink stains. Continue rubbing until the ink stains are completely removed.

6. Does OxiClean remove ink?

Yes, OxiClean is a versatile stain remover, thus it removes tough ink stains with minimal effort. You just need to take a bucket filled with water, mix a tbsp of OxiClean in it, and then soak the stained item in it for 1-6 hours. After that, simply wash as normal with detergent and it will get all the tough stains out.


So you may know now that how to get dry erase marker out of clothes. Getting the dry erase marker in your favorite clothes is like a pathetic moment but when the solutions are being provided to you then there is no need to worry. We hope that we’ve cleared all your queries, so it’s time to implement the remedies to get the dry erase marker out of clothes. If you have any more queries you can just write it in a box given below. See you in our next blog.

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