How to Get Blood Out of Sheets?

How To Get Blood Out Of Sheets

Bloodstains are hard to get rid of. But not anymore. If you’re wondering how to get blood out of sheets, then we’ve got the exact solutions.

Cuts, period stains, or nose bleeds cannot be controlled in one’s life. On the other hand, maintaining those clean sheets is not as easy as one might think. Nevertheless, using customary household cleaners like enzyme cleaner or lemon juice, you can bid adieu to those stains. 

Not only bedsheets, but blood stains can also give a hard time to wash off from any cloth. Women are well aware of that! Period stains are common among women and so is the trouble of getting off the mark.

How to get blood out of sheets

How to get blood out of sheets or cloth: Tips

Use Cold Water: The first tip that comes to our mind trying to resolve how to get blood stains out of sheets, cold water is what comes to our mind. Use cold water to wash the stain off your sheets as soon as you can. Wash it subsequently with hair shampoo. This can help you to reduce the appearance of stains blood on your sheets.

how to get blood out of sheets

TIP: Bloodstains are harder to get rid of after staying on the fabric for quite a long time. Wash them as early as possible!

Apply Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide: Dried blood stains that have been on your garment or any other fabric can be hard to remove. Since the blood has already set in. These obstinate stains won’t come easily without the help of an enzyme cleaner or running it through cold water. 

Lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide are the options to consider. These two are exemplary for colored sheets as they have a proclivity to work as your regular bleach. If the stains are on the colored sheet, you may want to test these two on a small area first to check whether it is okay for the fabric or not. 

how to get blood out of sheets

Salt: Remedy starts from home! Who’d thought a hand-full amount of salt can do wonders. Fill a bucket with cold water, adding a hand-full amount of salt, and mix it. Submerge your sheet in the bucket for at least three hours. Rinse it with cold water. It’ll surely help you remove dry blood off your garment. 

get blood out of sheets

Cornstarch: If you’re wondering how to get blood out of sheets then try using cornstarch. It can do wonders for you. Mix a tablespoon of cornstarch or baking soda with some cold water. Do not dilute it, make a paste out of it. Apply the paste on the stain and rub it gently. Let it dry! Once the paste is completely dried out, rub the area, you can even use a brush if the stain is strong. The stain will vanish!

How To Get Blood Out Of Sheet

Tip: If it’s an old stain, try repeating the method, twice or thrice.

Stain Stick: Whats stain stick? Luckily, you can now purchase a stain stick from your local hardware stores. If you have submerged your sheets in cold water but there are still stains left, rub the stain stick on the affected areas and leave it for at least 20 minutes. Also, wash your sheets as you would laundry and use the dry afterward. 

how to get blood out of sheets using Stain Stick

Cola: Yes! You read it right, Cola! You’ll be surprised to know how cola has proven to do wonders. How does it work? Immerse the stain in a soda and soak it for a few hours. The chemicals in the drink will lift the stain from the garment. Please note, we wouldn’t recommend soaking white garments in cola.

how to remove blood from sheets

Ammonia: It can be quite a struggle to solve how to get blood out of sheets all on your own. When it comes to stain removal, try ammonia. The technique of stain removal works well on the blood stains, urine, sweat on sheets. Apply a mixture of half-strength ammonia and water on the affected area, before putting it in your washing machine.

The solution will help you to get rid of the stubborn stains that got submerged into the cloth. Tip: Do not mix the ammonia applied garment with other clothes. Be careful with ammonia, do not apply full strength ammonia. 

how to get blood out of sheet using Ammonia

Do you know some better ideas of how to get blood out of sheets? Do comment and let us know!

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