How To Cut Plexiglass

How to Cut Plexiglass?

Plexiglass is a hard, clear acrylic, is an effective cost substitute to glass in various applications. The material is durable, lightweight, and importantly shatterproof. When you have an idea of how to cut plexiglass, the process becomes cleaner, and safer. 

Plexiglass is synthetic, a clean-cut sometimes can be difficult to achieve when the glass is being cut. Cutting plexiglass needs the patience and tools of the glass cutting. Here are some of the following steps which will give the knowledge about how to cut plexiglass are: 

Steps about how to cut plexiglass: 

  1. Place the sheet on a flat surface by using a permanent marker and a yardstick. Draw and measure the line that you wish to cut. 
  2. Hold the yardstick to the marked line, run the tedious side of a utility knife along with the yardstick to score the sheet. 
  3. Score it again like 10 to 12 times, till you made a deep hollow in the pixel glass. 
  4. Flip the pixel glass and score the opposite side in a similar manner. 
  5. To finish, grab the scribed line to the edge of your work area, secure the pixel glass in a place along with the clamp. Sharp it with a download pressure, snap all off the portion of the pixel glass that enlarges beyond the work surface. 
  6. For the thicker sheets of pixel glass, cut it with a power saw, circular saw, saber saw or table saw. It does not matter which type of saw you choose for the task, it is important to use the right blade. These are the special blades explicitly for acrylic, but metals cutting blade with carbide tips can do the trick.

7. Before executing to one blade or double-check its teeth are spaced with a rake, and of uniform shape, height. After reading the tool, mark, and measure the plexiglass, you cant cut any other material if appropriate. 

These were the steps where you will have an idea about how to cut plexiglass. 

How To Cut a Thick Sheet Of Plexiglass: 

For thicker sheets of plexiglass, cut it with a power saw, be it a saber saw, circular saw or table saw. No matter which type of saw you select for the task, it’s basically important to use the correct blade. There are special blades designed expressly for acrylic, but any metal-cutting blade with carbide tips can do the trick. 

Before obligating to one blade or another, double-check that its teeth are evenly spaced with no rake, and of uniform shape, and height. After preparing your tool, mark and measure the plexiglass, then cut as you would do any other material securing if appropriate. If the blade overheats, the material may crack or chip. Begin accordingly, water-cooling the blade or pausing your work for a few minutes as required. 

How to Polish and Buff Cut Edges: 

No matter which method you select, you may find that the cut edge doesn’t look terribly attractive. If the cut edge would be discernible in your application, take additional time to buff and sand out the imperfections. 

  1. Begin the process with 120 or 180 grit waterproof sandpaper, in combination with a rubber or wood sanding block. 
  2. As the plexiglass becomes glossy, a transition to sequentially finer grits. Finish it by sanding with 600- grit paper. 
  3. Once you are pleased with the appearance of the edge, move on to buffing. Outfit your electric drill with a buffing pad, after applying a polishing compound contrived for plastic, bring the plexiglass edge to a perfect polish. 

We hope that we have clear all the queries to you regarding how to cut plexiglass. You now have much better knowledge about it, so follow the steps given above by taking precautions because safety always comes first. See you in our next blog.

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