How to Clean Air Ducts

How To Clean Air Ducts

Most people are aware that indoor air pollution, is an issue enlarging concern & increased visibility. Various companies are marketing products & services, that intend to improve the quality of your indoor air. So how to clean air ducts yourself?

There are various reasons to clean the air ducts like hair, pet fur, dust and sometimes pollen in your home when the ducts are clean, the heating system lasts longer. You can also clean the air ducts yourself. You won’t be able to reach every cranny, but you can still remove the majority of the dust in your system without spending any cost that is more than the new furnace filter. 

There are various designs of duct systems known as the underground system and attic system, but the agenda of the cleaning system is almost the same. You may not be able to access all parts of the system like the underground ducts. You can make a difference in your air quality by cleaning the few parts of the system.

Points about how to clean air ducts

  1. Vacuum: A household-type vacuum with an adequate tube will work, but a heavy shop vacuum unit is much better if it is available. 
  2. Brush: Something resembling a toilet brush will work best, but bristle paintbrush or something quite similar will do the work. 
  3. Furnace filter: You will need a new furnace filter at the end of the work, assure that it is the right filter option for you. 
  4. Paper Towels: If you want to do a lot of sweeping & dusting right after when you clean the ducts, it will be very useful to cover the registers while you clean others. 
  5. Hex Driver Or Screw Driver: Your registers are possible to be held in a place by some kind of fasteners. You will require to use any tool that fits the fastener particularly a Philips screwdriver or ¼ hex driver.  
How To Clean Air Ducts

Steps of a duct cleaning: 

  1. Cover supply registers: Start the process by covering up your supply air registers that supply heated air to the rooms with paper towels. Simply lift the register, wrap up the paper over the top of it and replace it. 
  2. Turn on Fan: While cleaning you may want a fan running, to move the dust that you are going to loosen with your brushing. Set the thermostat to shut off the heat/ cool & to fan on, so that only the fan is running. 
  3. Check filter: Assure that your old furnace filter is in the place, so the dust you knock looses does not end up getting pulled into the fan motor. 
  4. Loosen the dust in ducts: Lose any build-up of dust in the ductwork. Take the handle of your brush & start tapping or you have any accessible ductwork in your basement. This will lead to breaking up the deposits of moistening, that may be stuck to the insides of the ducts. 
  5. Clean return air registers: Sweep out the return air registers. These will be fastened with a screw & require the tool to remove them. Brush and sweep as far back into the register piping. 
  6. Shut off furnace: Shut the fan off at the thermostat & power off the furnace via the breaker panel or the service switch. Don’t just shut off the furnace, because that does not off the power to the unit. 

    So these are the six steps given above to give you an idea on how to clean air ducts. 

How to Clean Air Ducts


1. Can you clean air ducts yourself?

Cleaning air ducts is not essentially a do-it-yourself job, as it requires some important tools such as rotary brushes and a high-powered vacuum that probably is not lying around in the garage and also the know how of how to clean air ducts. Apart from this, an improper cleaning job might result in damaging the ducts, which might bring to you expensive repairs. 

2. Is cleaning air ducts worth it?

Duct cleaning has never been specified for preventing health problems; neither study demonstrates that because of the dirty air ducts, the dust levels in homes increases. This is because much of the dirt in air ducts does not necessarily enter the living space, it adheres to the duct surfaces. 

3. How much does it cost to clean air ducts?

For most homes, the average air duct cleaning costs between $300 and $500. However, the price might vary depending upon the size of the home, the number of ducts present, and their configuration. On average, the air duct cleaning price is $35 per vent. 

4. How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned? 

5 Signs that tell you that you should have your ducts cleaned:

  • Inconsistent airflow from room to room
  • The vent covers and registers have visible dust
  • You will be able to hear noises in the ductwork
  • Detection of mold in and around your HVAC system
  • You haven’t changed the air filter for months

5. Can dirty air ducts make you sick?

The occupants that are staying in homes with dirty air ducts might experience some allergenic symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing and running nose. Dust, mold, and other contaminants that might be lurking in your ducts could also cause headaches, dizziness, and even sore throat.


Cleaning the air ducts will not only keep the indoor pollution good but the heating system will also long last. So we hope that we’ve clear all the queries related to how to clean air ducts, follow the instructions carefully, and take safety measures to overcome the obstacles of cleaning the air ducts. 

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