How To Care For A Gardenia Bush

How To Care For A Gardenia Bush

Gardenias are evergreen bush with pale-yellow flowers or fragrant white. Here are the steps that will give you an idea about how to care for a gardenia bush. 

  •  Plant your gardenias in a robust soil accommodate peat moss or compost.  
  • Add mulch to assist in keeping the soil moist & free of weeds. 
how to care for a gardenia bush
Use Mulch
  • Plant your gardenia where the temperature is between 65 & 70 degrees Fahrenheit i.e. 18 to 21 degrees celsius. If the weather is not good for the growing gardenia bush, you can plant them indoors, pots. 
  • Expose the indoor gardenias to bright, sunlight & indirect. Outdoor gardenias should have full sun with the shades. 
  • Water your gardenias but not excessive because over-watering can cause Rhizoctonia. 
  • Shear your gardenia while it’s dormant. At this time tweaking the tips promotes a bushier, heavier bloom in the following seasons. 
  • Spray the mist around but not directly on your plant daily when the weather is dry. Gardenias flourish in a humid environment. 
how to care for a gardenia bush
Using Fertilizer

The following diseases effect gardenias are: 

  1. Canker fungus dispensed with a swollen stem base & cracks it around the cranker. If you do not remove the dead plants from the soil, the disease will spread. Do not plant anything where the infected plant has already been. 
  2. Sooty molds are caused by whiteflies. 
  3. Leaf spot dispensed as brown spots with yellow halos around them. It can also be controlled with a fungicide. 
  4. Rhizoctonia causes tan-colored spots & is extremely infectious. If your gardenia bush gets Rhizoctonia, destroy & sterilize the soil. 
care for a gardenia bush
Using Fungicide

Gardenias are also vulnerable to infestation. Get rid of infestation with chemical insecticides or organic. Agriculture extension may have suggestions for dealing with the specific pests in your area. If you see your gardenia bush is suffering from bud drop, it is a sign of either fluctuating temperatures or excess of winter or under-watering. 

gardenia bush
Gardenia Bush

We really hope that points given regarding how to care for a gardenia bush are just the solutions that you may need the most at this time. So we look forward to come up with perfect solutions to solve your queries. 

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