How Dry Cleaning Works

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You have been eager to know-how the stains get removed from the clothes when it is dry cleaned, but ever wondered how dry cleaning works?  Dry cleaning is the procedure of cleaning clothes without the usage of water. Dry cleaning utilizes non-water based chemical solvents to clean clothes.

How Dry Cleaning Works

When do I need to use the dry cleaners? 

It’s always good to check the labels on your family’s clothing before deciding to wash or dry. If any of the labels say dry clean only, it is always safer to dry clean these garments, you surely don’t want to damage them. 

What is Dry Cleaning: 

Dry cleaning is called where no water is used in the process, it is not technically dry. When you take your clothes to the dry cleaner, the first step they will do is pre-treat any stains with the help of a chemical agent, similar to how you treat your stains before washing at home.  

  1.  The garments are placed in a machine that looks like a front-loading washer, completes it with the mechanism which rotates and moves the clothes around in a similar way. 
  2. A liquid solvent is known as perchloroethylene is sprayed all over the clothes as they are flustered. The clothes are dried in the same machine, dry cleaners move on to the post-spotting stage that aims to tackle the remaining stains on clothing. 
  3. Usually, they utilize a combination of vacuum, steam, and chemical equipment to complete the procedure. The final step is when you are garments are ironed & folded before being wrapped in the plastic to protect them from dirt. 

So these were the steps where you got to know about the definition of dry cleaning and now lets come to the main question: how the dry cleaning process works. Before that, there are steps below where you will get to know about when to use the dry cleaners. 

How Dry Cleaning Work
How Dry Cleaning Works

 Typical items that are marked as dry clean only include the following: 

  1. Silk Sarees
  2. Woolens
  3. Suits
  4. Sarees with embroidery or beading work. 

How can you wash items marked dry clean at home: 

  1. Use your machines gentle or delicates cycle
  2. Air-dry the item to avoid shrinking
  3. Wash in cool water with your surf excel Matic detergent
  4. While machine washing, store the clothes in a net bag to protect them from snagging.

The process of how dry cleaning works has few of the steps to its inspection & tagging, pre-spotting, the dry cleaning process, post-spotting, finishing touches. There are many processes of how dry cleaning works which will surely give you an idea of it. 

Here is the process of how dry cleaning works:

1. Inspection & Tagging Process: It is one of the parts about how dry cleaning works that are you are most likely familiar with. You take the garment into cleaner’s & dry cleaners create a tag for your item. It is also when your clothes are surveyed for stains, missing buttons, tears, etc. 

how dry cleaning works

2. Pre-Spotting: Now here are the things started to get more little steamy for the average dry cleaning customer. Once we give our garments, cleaners will begin the process of pre-spotting, where they apply vacuum, chemical solvent, or the heat to stains on your garment. It’ll help to remove the stain during the process of actual dry cleaning. 

Dry cleaning pre-spotting

3. The Dry Cleaning Process: Once the clothes have been pre spotted, clothes are placed into the machine, drowned into a non-water based solvent. The clothes are rotated in a riddled cylinder, where the cleaning solvent is released in a stable amount through the entire process. The machine quickly spins the clothes to get rid of any surplus solvent, releases the warm air. Your clothes appear to be completely dry. 

4. Finishing: Once the clothes have been completely dry cleaned, they are steamed, pressed, or ironed for the presentation. It is the complete satisfactory step of how dry cleaning works because it makes the clothes look amazing.

how dry cleaning works

Have more queries?

We hope that you have all got the information regarding how dry cleaning works which is beneficial for the garments from the fibers that don’t react well when it is exposed to water like wool and silk. It is also good for the garments that can’t be exposed to the heat of a traditional dryer. So if you have any further queries regarding how dry cleaning works then drop them in the comments below, we will instantly get back to you. Ciao!

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