How does Sump Pump work?

how does Sump Pump work?

A flooded basement is a nightmare for the homeowners. Sump pump protects your home from the heavy rains and arising water, leaves behind extensive costs and structural damages.Thereby keeping basement­s from flooding. But how does sump pump work?

Common types of Sump Pump are: 

  • Submersible: A submersible type sump pump is situated in a sump pit & is designed to function underwater. Usually, submersible pumps are expensive but have a longer lifespan than pedestal sump pumps. A submersible sump pump is quieter and hidden inside the sump basin, giving a cleaner appearance. 
how does a sump pump work
Submersible Sump Pump
  • Pedestal: A pedestal type sump pump is a reputable pump with a rotor at the base of the pedestal. The motor is situated above the pump & not meant to get wet. Pedestal sump pumps are specifically less expensive than submersible pumps, but they also prone to be noisier & more likely to overheat. 
how does sump pump work
Pedestal Sump Pump
  • Water-powered sump pumps: It can be a rescuer when the power goes out during a torrential stream. The traditional sump pumps won’t run without electricity, but a water-powered sump pump will run. It utilizes the pressure of water from your municipal water source to create a vacuum that sucks the water from your sump pit.
Water-powered sump pumps
Water-powered sump pumps
  • Battery-operated backup: This sump pump is a great way to give some extra security from the flood damage. A battery backs up with float permits the sump pump to even operate, when the power is cut during a storm. 
Battery backup Sump Pump
Battery Backup Sump Pump

In order for a water-powered sump pump to work, you must have sufficient water pressure. 

  • While choosing a sump pump, have a view for a model with corrosion-free housing materials, a sump cover, sump pump alarm & contemplate by adding a battery backup sump pump. 
  •  The basement system renders various submersible sump pumps to select from emergency backup sump pumps. 

It’s quite important to understand which of the various types of sump pumps best fits your requirements. So here are the points that will make you understand how does Sump Pump works: 

  How does Sump Pump Work?

  1. Sump pump manages to move the water from the basement of your home. It is a naturally erect pit basically, a hole carved below the main surface of your basement floor. 
  2. The pit is called a basin, which holds the sump pump. A pump is furnished with nozzles, sense escalating the pressure or water levels. When the level of water gets high, sump pumps automatically pump the excess water out of the basement through a discharge line. 
  3. The statement is called an effluent, that connects the sump pump to a designated drainage area. 
How Does A Sump Pump Work
How Does A Sump Pump Work

Sump pumps water voids to a designated area, dry, pond or creek, or neighborhood drain. You should be careful not to set the drain point somewhere, where the water will return to your home. There are some cities that have codes, determining where a sump pump can drain. Preferably, keep than 10 to 20 feet away from the foundation of your home. It is always good to check with the local government. 


1. What triggers a sump pump?

Ans: The floats switch and float valve of a sump pump gets triggered by the depth of water. With the increase in water level, the pressure on the float switch also increases.

2. How do I know if my sump pump is working?

Ans: The easiest possible way to know if your sump pump is working is to observe whether or not your pump is eliminating excess water from the basement.

A mild flood in your basement indicates that your sump pump is not working.

3. Do sump pumps turn on automatically?

Ans: Yes. Sump pumps turn on automatically as soon the pit fills with water. The pump turns on through a pressure sensor which is also known as the float activator.  

4. How often should a sump pump run?

Ans: A sump pump should run only when it is needed i.e. it should run when the basement water level activates the float switch. 

5. What is the cost to replace a sump pump?

Ans: The average cost to replace a sump pump could range anywhere between 1200 INR to 2500 INR.

6. Should there be water in the sump pump pit?

Ans: There should not be water in the sump pump pit always. However, it is normal to have a few inches of water during heavy rainfall and snowfall.

7. Does a sump pump use a lot of electricity?

Ans: A ½ HP Sump Pump consumes 1050 watts while running and 2150 to 4100 watts while starting. The monthly electric consumption of a sump pump ranges between 1700 INR and 2200 INR. 

8. Is it OK for a sump pump to run constantly?

Ans: It is normal for a sump pump to run constantly until there is a continuous flow of water to the sump pump. However, the constant running of the sump pump for long hours indicates a malfunction in the system.

9. How do you clean a sump pit?

Ans:  The cleaning process of a sump pit goes through the following steps.

● Make sure that the whole system is off.
● Disconnect the power of the sump pump.
● Place the pump in a container and wrap it with heavy plastic.
● Clean the pump and sap the check valve in the sump pit.
● Use a soap-vac to remove the remaining water from the sump pit.
● Reconnect the pump.


We hope that you have got all the queries quenched regarding how does Sump Pump work. So if there is no professional work near your home, you can use the sump pump to overcome the obstacle of cleaning the drainage. Ciao in the next blog. 

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