How Does a Swamp Cooler Work?

How Swamp Cooler Works

Have you ever been to a place with high humidity? You may have curled air, the skin was quite softer and seemed to sweat a lot more. Swamp cooler always comes to the rescue to protect you from the heat. But have you ever wondered how does a swamp cooler work? 

Adding moisture in the air can lead to evaporating cooling. Now the question is how do Swamp Cooler works?

How does a swamp cooler work

What is Swamp Cooler?

A swamp cooler utilizes moisture to cool air. A swamp cooler is called an evaporative air conditioner, which works by taking warm outside air through wet evaporative cool pads, productively cooling the air. The cold air is blown into a home through a vent. 

The parts that make up an evaporative cooler are: 

  1. Float: The evaporate is originated on the bottom of the swamp cooler. While the water in the bottom of swamp cooler outstretches at a specific level.
  2. The float rises on the top of the water & shuts off the supply of water value. If the float stops working, the swamp cooler may overflow or may not work. 
  3. Evaporative pads: The evaporative cooling pads line the inside of the swamp cooler. They have to wet for the swamp cooler to work fitting properly.  
  4. Blower & Blower motor: The blower motor revolves the blower, which brings cool air into the ductwork & forces it out of home, cooling the air. 
  5. Water Supply Valve: This valve is established inside of your home, where the water heater is connected to the rest of the plumbing.
  6. The valve is connected to your swamp cooler by a copper tube. It brings the water into the swamp cooler. Without the involvement of the valve, the swamp cooler cannot work.  
swamp cooler

 Steps on how does a swamp cooler work: 

1. Water Supply Value brings water into the bottom of the Swamp Cooler. You need to turn the dial of swamp cooler to be on the exact position, the supply of water brings the water into the bottom of the swamp cooler. 

2. The water carries on to pour into the swamp cooler till it floats, sitting on a topwater, reaches on a specific level. This will give you a signal that the water supply value to turn off. 

3. The Pump brings water to the Evaporative Cooler Pads when there is enough water in the bottom of an evaporative cooler, the pump initiates to pull the water through the distribution lines of water. These distribution lines of water are located at the top of evaporative pads, pour the water through them.

 4. Suppose, if the owner feels that air is not cool enough, they can just turn up the swamp coolers switch to pump, to pump more water into the evaporative pads. 

5. Warm Air is tugged through Evaporative Cooler Pads after the evaporative pads have water on them, the blower motor initiates by pulling warm air into the swamp cooler with the help of pads. When the warm air goes through the pads, the moisture cools the air & cleans it.

swamp cooler working

6. The whole process is called evaporative cooling. It looks quite similar when you are exercising & sweating, then a fan blow on you, relaxing the skin.

7. Blower forces cool through the vent, cooling home. After all the air is pulled off through the evaporative pads, the blower consumes cooled air & forces it through the vent & ductwork into the house.

Still wondering how does a swamp cooler work?

We hope that you have got all the information related to how does a swamp cooler work. Now it’s time to implement the knowledge gained by the information provided by us. If you have some more queries? We’ll instantly get back to you. Ciao in our next article.

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