Top 20 Granite Countertops for Your Home

Granite Countertops

Are you looking for that one prestigious granite countertop for your kitchen? Then you’ve come to the right place. Granite slabs can be of different aesthetics and qualities.

Choosing correct Granite Countertops over the others can be a real challenging task. That’s why we have prepared a list of the top twenty best-looking granite varieties, which can give your kitchen a pristine look. 

A Granite holds a rich beauty beneath it that only a few other materials can match. The timeless aura and appeal of a granite slab can only be seen in natural products.

Granite countertops make a normal kitchen into a visually appealing one and often become the point of attraction for the room. With more than 1000 shades of granite to choose from, you’ll surely find the one which perfectly blends with your cabinets, walls, and flooring of your kitchen.

Here are some of the best Granite Countertops

Granite countertops come in various color and texture options. Choosing one that can complement the other portions of the kitchen is quite vital. So check these 20 best selling granite countertops and try selecting one for your purpose. 

1. Copenhagen

Although the name hints at a Danish origin, Copenhagen granites are mainly found in Brazil. The natural-looking white and off-white sections are broken into pieces by brownish clusters giving a gorgeous look as elegant granite countertops that can go superbly with any light-colored set-up. It is also quite durable compared to some other granite variants. 

Granite Countertops
Copenhagen Granite Countertop

You can not only use it in a kitchen countertop, but you can also install a pure-looking Copenhagen slab in your bathroom vanity top or fireplace surrounds. Also, this type of granite can hold its beauty for decades, even after daily use. 

2. Copacabana

The number two entrant in our list of granite countertops also originates from Brazil. Copacabana is an elegant blackish granite stone with lush grey and gold veins running throughout the body. No matter what the surroundings look like, a sophisticated black stone can perfectly blend with it. 

Copacabana Granite Countertop
Copacabana Granite Countertop

Copacabana stones come in many design varieties. The most popular one is the one where the grey veins cut the stone vertically. It’s also the rarest one. Good quality Copacabana granites don’t come cheap. So if you’re looking to install it, make sure you have enough resources to buy it at first. 

3. Golden Valley MG

This natural granite with patch patterns is quite popular for being good dining table granite countertops. Golden Valley MG has soft golden colors with brown, black, grey, and gold designs along with it. The formation of this superb-looking granite is done by years of natural mineral deposits in the caves. 

Golden Valley MG Granite Countertop
Golden Valley MG

This stone is not only beautiful to watch but also very much durable in daily life usage. An original Golden Valley MG can last up to 50 years if proper maintenance is done. Also, no matter where it is installed, it will definitely be the center of attraction in that particular room. So, if you want a sober yet elegant granite, check out the Golden Valley MG. 

4. Delicatus Cream

Delicatus Cream is a sparkly patterned natural stone, which is soft to the eyes. The sophisticated cream-colored tones of this stone fit perfectly with neutral colored surfaces of your home making for perfect granite countertops. It can be easily matched with other home decors due to the soft coloring of this granite. 

Delicatus Cream Granite Countertop
Delicatus Cream Granite Countertop

This granite is also a top choice among homeowners due to the fact that it is not a costly option compared to other granites on this list. Also, a well-prepared Delicatus Cream Granite countertop can last years if maintained properly. So if you’re looking for a countertop that isn’t too flashy or rich, yet looks refined and tasteful, Delicatus Cream is the one you should go for. 

5. Tan Brown Granite

Do you want to make your tabletops look like night’s sky full of stars? Tan Brown granite countertops can give you this exact look. It appears to be a dark-coloured stone with beige speckles. Many people prefer blackish stones over other colour tones. For them, tan brown is the go-to granite. 

Tan Brown Granite Granite Countertop
Tan Brown Granite Countertop

Also, this granite is quite versatile. It can be installed in almost all spaces without hampering the looks of that space. You can install it in dining tables, kitchen countertops, basin tops, staircases, and many other places. It can perfectly blend with the environment of any room.  

6. White Kinawa

This is a superb option for all types of use. White Kinawa granites feature wonderful veiny patterns that can bring any home to life. Though the name starts with white but various other color pigments like brown, black, and grey can be seen in a piece of natural white Kinawa granite.

White Kinawa Granite Countertop
White Kinawa Granite Countertop

White Kinawas also originates from Brazil and can be of many qualities. The top quality can cost quite a bit. However, expensive Kinawas offer stunningly beautiful looks, which can not be obtained from most other granites. It can be applied in various places like a bar top, dining spaces, and fireplace surroundings. 

7. Rubi Velvet

This is a completely unique stone, a color combination that can not be found in other granites. The broad, vibrant red accent with golden veins running all around gives this granite a stunning appearance. This rare stone is one of the most attractive materials that you can associate with your home. 

best Granite Countertops
Rubi Velvet Granite Countertop

Rubi Velvet is also quite tough and can handle a lifetime of usage. If you’re undertaking a home remodeling project, consider applying this granite in places like wash stations, backsplashes, bathroom countertops to increase the inner beauty of your home. 

8. Dunes Orient

Dunes Orient is a variety of natural granite that makes artistic additions to a house. The shining veiny purple design attracts many people. This granite gives an incredible view no matter how the surrounding is designed. Also, apart from the stunning looks, it is as durable as other top-class granites. 

Dunes Orient Granite Countertop
Dunes Orient Granite Countertop

This stone is a decent choice when it comes to home or working space renovation. Installing it can drastically change the appearance of any room. It becomes the centerpiece of attraction and uplifts the environment of the room. So, if you want a combination of elegance and rigidity from your stone, check this one out. 

9. River White

A light-coloured granite with enchanting grey veins and maroon spotting, River White granites are also another popular granite among homeowners. It mostly originates from the hilly areas of India and is exported worldwide due to its great demand all over the world. 

 River White Granite Countertop
River White Granite Countertop

If your room’s walls and flooring is white or off-white, then installing white granite countertops like this one will make your home luxurious-looking. Best suited as a kitchen countertop, it can be positioned into bathroom countertops and wash stations also. You can even make flooring out of this awesome stone, but it would increase the project cost. 

10. Netuno Bordeaux

Found in the Bordeaux region of modern-day France, Netuno Bordeaux is a unique looking natural granite filled with color richness and warmth. This stone has a shade of grey and ivory with dark maroon veins running all over. This granite shows various attractive patterns and is perfect for any home. 

Netuno Bordeaux Granite Countertop
Netuno Bordeaux Granite Countertop

You can put a Netuno Bordeaux stone in your kitchen, bathroom, or dining space, and it will make those areas like a five-star hotel. The looks of this granite, when combined with its superb durability, makes a lot of sense why install it in your home. Also, these granites are not as expensive as some other granites on our list. So if you have a restricted budget, yet you want a good-looking granite for your home, you should check Netuno Bordeaux out. 

11. Costa Esmeralda

Costa Esmeralda is a bluish-green coloured granite with grey and white veins. This stone comes with millions of different veins, and no two stones are alike. Some have heavy veins with light-colored backgrounds, while some other stones have light veins and darker backgrounds. Regardless of the design, each Costa Esmeralda stone suits perfectly in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertop
Costa Esmeralda Granite Countertop

This granite has multiple applications. It can be used in kitchen countertops, wash station countertops, vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, and many more places. You can even place multiple slabs on your wall to give it a unique look. No matter where you install, choosing a Costa Esmeralda can be the best decision in your whole house renovation project. 

12. Coral Gold

Coral Gold is another fancy grey natural granite with black veins and dots of brown pigments. It is produced in India; thus, it can be less pricey compared to its peers. This beautiful stone can fit perfectly in any room, making the room more gorgeous in the process. Whether it’s kitchen tops or toilet floors, you can fix it with Coral Gold slab quite easily. 

Coral Gold Granite Countertop
Coral Gold Granite Countertop

It is one of the highest quality materials originating from India. It’s also pretty durable and can stay in service for decades. It can easily stand up to wear & tear from everyday use if it is sealed correctly. That’s why buying granites from a reputed store is very important. 

13. Shalimar Gold

If you are looking for perfect harmony between a vent-grade and conventionality, then Shalimar Gold is the best choice to go for. This golden colored natural granite is fairly busy with white and pink patches running all over, creating a stand-out design in the process. It is truly a one-of-a-kind stone that is found in Indian stone mines. 

Granite Countertop
Shalimar Gold

Apart from the incredible appearance, Shalimar Golds are also one of the most durable granite variants ever. A well-sealed Shalimar Gold can last up to 100 years, depending on handling. This granite is a bit stronger, and breaking one without any tool is virtually impossible for any human. So visit your nearest store and check this granite in person. 

14. Butterfly Green

The name may suggest green, but Butterfly Green granite countertops are more of a greenish-black than plain light green. This colour variant is a bit of adventurous as no other granites come close to Butterfly Green’s colour density. Some of these stones also have an exciting presence of amber and white on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, making those stones very desirable. 

Butterfly Green Granite Countertop
Butterfly Green Granite Countertop

Butterfly Greens can be a perfect fit in any home. You can use these stones for multiple purposes, from tabletops to kitchen floors. And when you take care properly, the beautiful shine of it stays for decades. No wonder why so many homeowners choose this stone. 

15. Rosewood

This is one of the most common variants of granite that can be seen in many homes. The rich reddish color with grey and black veins covering the whole slab looks really nice on any surface. So, if you install one of these, it will surely catch some eyes. And being so common in the market, the pricing of this particular stone is quite low.

Rosewood Granite Countertop
Rosewood Granite Countertop

Being less pricey doesn’t affect the sturdiness and durability at all. Just like other granites, this one will also last for a long time. The only thing you’ll have to ensure during purchase, it is perfectly sealed from all sides. 

16. New Kashmir Gold

As the name suggests, New Kashmir Gold granites come from the mountains of Kashmir, India. These stones come in various different colouring options, all of them being light-colored backgrounds with darker veins running throughout. It has a brilliant mix of colors, including black, white, blue, and grey. Also, it consists of many earth tones. 

New Kashmir Gold
New Kashmir Gold

This neutral tone of New Kashmir Gold makes it a great choice for washbasin tops. However, you can also install it in other places in your home. It will not only blend flawlessly with the other tools of the room, but it will make the room an elegant look. 

17. Desert Gold

Desert Gold Granites are a kind of yellowish stone, which is quarried in Brazil. These stones are specially extracted for mosaic, countertops, exterior & interior walls, as well as flooring, pools, and fountains. It is also called Brazil Desert Gold Granite, Desert Gold Brazil Granite, Desert Gold Yellow Granite. This type of Granites can be processed into Sawn Cut, Polished, Sanded, Sandblasted, Rock faced, Tumbled, and so on.

Desert Gold Granite Countertop
Desert Gold Granite Countertop

This stone is truly the perfect fit in any home. Buying it will leave you with satisfaction for many years, and it can become a great investment if you maintain it properly. So, if you like the yellowish golden color, you should consider buying it.  

18. White Dallas

Dallas White granites are mainly quarried from bedrock quarries in Brazil. These white granites have a slight veining of dark crystals within the slabs. It is also somewhat possible to see minuscule oxidation spots on a few Dallas White slabs. It is one of the few rarest granites that doesn’t require a coating of face resins due to the tight grain structures. As a natural granite product, we recommend that it be properly sealed to extend longevity. 

White Dallas Granite Countertop
White Dallas Granite Countertop

One thing we should tell you about this stone is that it is not cheap. The extra demand for this stone is making it more costly over the years. But, if you can afford it, it will be the highlight of any room. 

19. Alpine

Alpine granites are a stunning looking off-white stone that enhances the beauty of any kitchen. The make-up of this stone is feldspar & quartz, thus making it a hard & durable product. This stone is ideal for inserting it in kitchen countertops. 

Alpine Granite Countertop
Alpine Granite Countertop

In a few slabs, there can be veins, which have rusting tones as well as turquoise quartz. Also, this granite has to be back-meshed before it enters the resin line in the factory. These stones are also very hard-wearing if proper maintenance is done. An Alpine stone can last a lifetime for an average person. 

20. Titanium

Titanium granites have unique make-up, consisting of quartzite, biotite, and mica. Because these stones have quartz in few areas, which are quite hard, and some other areas are softer because of high concentrations of mica, it is very normal for the edges to have some waves to it after the fabrication process. The softer areas are prone to scratching. 

Titanium Granite Countertop
Titanium Granite Countertop

We recommend Titanium slabs that have gold & white assorted together. This form of selection is very limited. Their demand in the market also stays high all the time due to those slabs having more dramatic appearances compared to a normal Titanium slab. 

How to Take Care of Granite Countertops

  • Proper sealing is necessary to ensure a long life for a granite countertop. The sealant will provide your extra countertop protection against any spills by making the surface moisture-resistance. However, before applying any sealant, make sure your granite is not sealed already. If your slabs come with a newly built home, then the builder might have already sealed them.
  • ph neutral cleaner should be used along with soft cloths to clean the stone every day. Don’t use any harsh scrubbers or cleansers. Although granites are very durable, and acidic cleanser and sponges with scratching ability can wear down the sealant coating. Stone cleaner work is as simple as dishwashing if you follow the proper guidance.
  • Spilling can not be stopped, especially if you are using the stone as a kitchen countertop. However, it can be reduced. Be careful while moving stuff and if you accidentally spill some food or other liquids, clean the surface without making much delay. 
  • Disinfect your granite with water & alcohol. We’re living at this age, where we should be more concerned about microcellular enemies than human ones. That’s why cleaning your granite countertops regularly with alcohol and disinfectants is very much vital. Granite usually repels bacteria and viruses. However, you should take no chance with it. Use water & 91% isopropyl alcohol mixed in 50/50 ratio, and spray it on the stone. 

Granite Countertops are the best

Granites are a great choice for contemporary construction. In present days, designers and architects have discovered many applications for the natural stone, a hard and compact igneous rock formed by feldspar, quartz, and mica.

Granite countertops cost vary but they are one of the most popular materials used by a lot of homeowners for their bathroom and kitchen remodeling. The perks of owning a granite are that it is beautiful, durable and doesn’t demand many resources in maintenance. However, they do require minimal care to make it stay in superb condition. 

If you are remodeling your home and want to make it modern as well as elegant-looking, you should definitely consider buying Granites. The 20 choices we came up with were the most popular choices of last year. You can choose one from them, or you can have any other stone. After all, there are hundreds of options available. Tell us what you chose and why in our comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the average price for granite countertops installed?

$100-$250 per square foot

  • Is it worth getting granite countertops?

Yes, they are worth their cost.

  • What is the most popular colour for granite countertops?

White, black, grey and brown or beige

  • What is a cheaper alternative to granite countertops?

Marble Countertops

  • What colour granite is cheapest?

Tan or black granite

  • Which is better granite or quartz?

Quartz as it’s more durable

  • What are the disadvantages of granite countertops?
  1. Needs more coats of sealer
  2. Needs a professional to get repaired
  3. Prone to cracking
  4. They come with seams
  5. They are very porous
  • Is Granite going out of style?

As it’s a natural substance it might never go out of style.

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