6 Easy Ways to Download YouTube Videos

Ways to Download YouTube Videos

YouTube, undoubtedly the most popular video streaming platform, can be quite a bummer if you don’t have an internet connection. How to escape the boredom then? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had some downloaded video for binge watching. But how to download YouTube videos?

This blog helps you to discover new and convenient ways of downloading YouTube videos. Before beginning, we’ll like to inform you of one last thing. While downloading most of the YouTube content isn’t illegal, it surely breaches Google’s service terms. 

Download YouTube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos?

After hours of intensive research and trial, we have shortlisted 6 ways of how to download YouTube videos. You don’t have to be a tech expert in using any of these tricks in your aid. All of these tricks are quite easy to replicate. So give all of them a read and try out the ones you liked. 

Method 1: Using the YouTube App

This is the best option on how to download YouTube videos to your local storage. YouTube app for Android and iOS comes with a built-in Downloader. You can download an unlimited number of videos and in any quality. Whenever your device is not connected to the network, you will directly land on the download page when you open YouTube. 

Downloading YouTube videos using the YouTube mobile app is really easy. However, you can not download videos on your PC using this method. And, you can not transfer the video to your PC from your smartphone. To download videos on your PC, you’ll have to use other methods. Here’s the whole deal on how to download YouTube videos and save them offline in easy steps. 

  1. Open the YouTube app and navigate to the videos you want to download
  2. Choose a video and click on it to open
  3. Upon starting to play, you will see a Download option underneath the video title
  4. Choose the quality of video and press ok
  5. You can monitor the progress in the Notification Area
  6. To access the downloaded video, go to the Home Page 
  7. Open Library and you see all of your downloaded videos
How to Download YouTube Videos

Although this functionality is limited to the YouTube app, you can imagine how effortless it is to download videos using the official YouTube app. If you only watch videos on your larger computer screen rather than the small smartphone display, you have other methods for you.

Method 2: Using VDYoutube Site

This is quite an effective way on how to download YouTube videos content. You won’t require to install a third-party download. Just add two letters in your selected video’s address, and you will be redirected to a page where you can directly download the whole video with ease. Following is the complete step by step process of downloading a YouTube video using the VDYoutube site.

  1. Open YouTube in a web browser. This can be done from both computers and handheld devices like mobiles and tablets
  2. Navigate to the video you would like to download
  3. Now click on the address bar of the video at the top of the browser’s window and add the word “vd” after https://www. and before the youtube portion of the address and press enter. For example, if your video address is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuFv4iF8wgg&t=1996s then you need to enter https://www.vdyoutube.com/watch?v=FuFv4iF8wgg&t=1996s
  4. When you press enter, you will be redirected straight to the VDYoutube site within a few minutes
  5. In the bottom part of the VDY page, you will find a list of downloading options with variable extensions, quality, and resolution. Choose one from the list and press the green Download button
  6. The video will start downloading into your local storage via the browser’s downloader
Download YouTube Videos

This is one of the easiest ways on how to download YouTube videos in laptop. Downloading videos using the VDY site is so easy that even a child can do it. Although one thing we need to mention. VDY site contains quite a few ads and fake download buttons in the top part of the website. So, be aware of those and only click on the green download button.

Method 3: Using the KeepVid site

KeepVid is also another site like VDYoutube, where you can download any video available on YouTube. However, unlike VDY, you can not download videos through KeepVid on your smartphone. This site is only operational on PC and Android devices. Here’s what you have to do in order to download YouTube videos using KeepVid.

  1. Go to YouTube in a web browser from your PC
  2. Choose a video that you want to download. You can either select one from the home page, or you can search for a particular video using proper keyword
  3. Now open the video and click on the Share option just underneath the video player
  4. Some sharing options along with copy link option will appear on the screen in the form of a pop-up
  5. Copy the URL and open this link https://keepvid.pro/en38/
  6. After opening the site, click on Youtube Video Converter option
  7. Paste the copied link in the designated space and press Download Now
  8. Choose a download format. Try to download the best quality video for better picture quality and on-screen appearance
  9. The video will start getting downloaded on the background
Download YouTube Videos

This site is a true multifunctional site offering solutions not only for how to download Youtube videos, but also for multiple other options. Other features of KeepVid include downloading Facebook videos, Instagram videos, Spotify playlist, YouTube Music playlist, and Dailymotion videos. So, bookmark this ultimate useful site now and download your favorite videos from all the popular video sharing platforms. 

Method 4: Using VLC Player

This is a very generic way on how to download YouTube videos. You need to have the open-source cross-platform multimedia player, the VLC Player pre-installed in your PC. In case you don’t already have VLC installed on your PC, you can download it from here https://www.videolan.org/. Now, let us give you a step by step user guide on how to download Youtube videos via VLC Player. 

  1. First, open https://www.youtube.com on your PC
  2. Select the video you would like to store in your hard drive
  3. Now copy the URL of the video from the address bar 
  4. After that, open VLC Player on your computer
  5. Now you’ll have to open a network stream 
  • Windows users click on Media in the menu bar and then click on Open Network Stream (Ctrl+N)
  • Mac users click File and then click on Open Network
  1. Paste the copied link into the designated field and press Play. It will open the video in VLC Player
  2. While the video is playing inside VLC, you will have to access the codec information of the video
  • Windows users press Tools in the menu bar and go on to click Codec Information option
  • Mac Users press Window and then click on the Media Information option
How to download YouTube Videos
  1. Underneath the codec information, you will find a location field
  2. Copy the data from the location field by pressing Ctrl+C for Windows and Open URL on Mac
  3. Now open any browser and paste the URL copied from the location field and press enter
  4. The video will start playing on the current window of your browser. Right-click on it and choose Save Video As (Ctrl+S) to open the Save Dialog Box
  5. Save the video on your preferred location and it will get downloaded and saved on your PC

Well, this is a bit longer process compared to the previous ones. However, this is also the safest process on how to download YouTube videos. VLC has been one of the leading video players for years, and we all know how secure VLC is. So, instead of using ad-filled websites, using VLC is a safer option. 

One more thing, you might encounter “your input can not be opened’ error for some videos. In those videos, YouTube restricts location sharing due to copyright protection.

Method 5: Using 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is a great tool for solving how to download Youtube videos and playlists from social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. For that to happen, you need to first download the 4K Video Downloader software. Go to this link https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader to download the setup file for 4K Video Downloader. Once done, follow these steps. 

  1. Install the 4K Video Downloader by running the setup file as administrator and following the on-screen instructions
  2. Open YouTube in a browser on your PC
  3. Click on the video that you want to download
  4. Copy the URL of the video
  5. Open 4K Video Downloader software 
  6. On the Home Screen of it, find Paste Link icon and click on it
  7. Paste the URL you just copied here and press enter. It will automatically extract the content on the link
  8. Select the format and quality of the video. Choose MKV format as it can give you the option to download the video in 4K quality. However, you need 4K capable display to take the full advantage of a 4K video
  9. Now click the Download button which is situated in the bottom right side corner
  10. Your video will automatically get downloaded on the preset location

4K Video Converter is available for both Windows and macOS; thus, people from both worlds can get the benefit of such a high caliber video download. This software is quite popular and trusted by millions. Also, you can download the highest quality videos available. Not many sites or downloads give you the option of downloading YouTube and Facebook videos in 4K quality. 

Method 6 : Using KeepVid on iOS & iPadOS

All the ways on how to download YouTube videos (except the first one) involve a computer. However, if you are a portable gadget guy and hooked on the Apple ecosystem, this method of YouTube video downloading is for you. Before moving on to the details, you need to install the ‘Documents by Readdle’ app from the App Store of your Apple device. 

  1. Open the YouTube app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the video you would like to download and click on it
  3. Then tap on the share icon on that video
  4. You will now get an option to Copy Link. Press on it to copy the link in the clipboard
  5. Open the Documents by Readdle app
  6. Click on the Blue Compass icon placed on the bottom right corner. It will open a web browser within the app
  7. Go to https://keepvid.pro/en38/ in that browser
  8. Paste the recently copied link of the video in KeepVid site and tap on Download Now option
  9. A new page will open. Press the blue Best Download icon there. You can also choose other formats
  10. Add the Documents by Readdle folder to your Files app so that you can access the recently downloaded video from the Files app
how to download youtube videos

There are fewer options on how to download YouTube videos in iOS compared to Windows or macOS. This is because of the enhanced security features of iOS. From the available options, this method is the best-suited one. You can download high-resolution videos with the help of KeepVid and Documents by Readdle. 

Method 7: Using TubeMate on Android Devices

TubeMate app has gained quite a popularity within a couple of years of operation. Especially if you consider the fact that it is not available on Play Store and in order to use it, one has to download the APK file manually. That is because the TubeMate app gives you a seamless experience in YouTube video downloading. Before moving forward with the step-by-step guide, here’s the link https://tubemate.net/ from where you can find the free APK file for TubeMate. 

  1. Visit TubeMates site and tap on the Download APK button 
  2. After downloading, tap on Open in the Downloader pop-up window
  3. Install the APK file after giving permission to install APK from unknown sources
  4. Once the installation process is completed, open the app
  5. Accept the terms and conditions. Allow all the permissions required. It will pop-up on your screen and will be a three-part pop-up, and you will have to allow all the three permissions
  6. Now search for the video you want to download with the help of the search bar situated on the top of the home screen
  7. Tap the red arrow-like icon on the said video’s page to download the video
  8. A list of available downloading options will pop-up. There will be at least 4-5 different resolution options with estimated file size. Choose the one you prefer
  9. Tap the red arrow icon again to download the video. Once downloaded, you can play the video through Gallery or My Files app
Download YouTube Videos

Although downloading APK files from unknown sources may lead to identity theft and other forms of cybercrime, TubeMate has a pretty good reputation with dedicated users. You can totally trust it to take care of all the YouTube content downloads. And, if you don’t trust us, you can read the user reviews from any online software review portal. You will only find positive reviews. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can I play the downloaded video without Internet Connectivity?

Ans: That’s the benefit of downloading videos in the first place. You can play those videos anytime, anywhere you want.

Can I download YouTube podcasts as audio files?

Ans: You can find options to download the content as an MP3 file in most of the choices we discussed. Just make sure you choose the format as MP3 instead of MP4 or MKV.

Is VDYoutube reliable and malware-free?

Ans: As of now, we’ve never seen any user getting malware from VDY. We have also used the service for more than once, and our experience is also great.

Can I download YouTube Videos on my Tablet?

Ans: Absolutely. If you own an Android-based tablet, try TubeMate. And, if you are an owner of an iPad, you can download free contents from YouTube through KeepVid.


There are millions of hours of content available on YouTube. Literally millions of hours. And, that’s not the most impressive statistic about YouTube, the platform that has been the go-to destination for viewers as well as content creators since early 2005. That said, sometimes, what you really want is to have a couple of your favorite YouTube videos downloaded locally on your own smartphone and computer.

However, when the topic of YouTube video download comes up, there’s a question that inevitably comes up on our mind: Is it legal? All the methods we discussed may not be permissible by the law totally, but those surely won’t get you into any immediate trouble. These 7 methods are the most popular ones, and millions of viewers use them every day to create their own playlist. So, enjoy the videos without worrying much. 

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