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best Dog Repellents

Since the dawn of the human world, man and dog have co-existed together like a happy family. Dogs have always been man’s best friend. Their enthusiasm, playfulness, and pure unspoken love have made the bond even stronger with time. However, at times, due to the feral instincts of dogs, they do get insured. This is the reason we’re helping you out with understanding the effectiveness and necessity of dog repellents in today’s times. 

In today’s times, you’ll find a dog in almost every house. Despite having a great bond between the dog and its owner, there are a lot of incidents where the owner had to undergo difficulties in calming their dogs and understanding their unnatural behaviors. This may be due to their inability to speak or our inability to understand their mood swings. Thankfully, there is a great solution to it, which is a good dog repellent. 

Well, let us tell you that there is more than one type of dog repellent available today. Some of them are applied as spray-on or maybe used as a dog whistle or horn. Irrespective of the form, an effective deterrent or repellent will certainly help you control your dog or the pack of dogs barking at you on the streets. So let’s move ahead and find out more about dog repellents and their uses. 

How would you choose the right Dog Repellent?

“Dog feces and urine are often the most frustrating problem of lawn care. A small amount of it can have fertilizing effects, while a larger amount of it can end up with dead patches or lawn burn.” – explained by Dr. Steve Thompson, DVM – Director, Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital Wellness Clinic, West Lafayette, Indiana. According to them, due to the extensive effect, the area of the damaged plants might have to be re-planted.

Dog Repellent
Dog Repellent

In order to pick the finest dog repellent, the first thing you need to identify is the reason why your dog urine is intoxicating your garden. The answer is the concentrated nitrogen that dog urine contains and its capability of burning your favorite lawn. The fact is absolutely valid as we’ve heard several times that the excess of concentrated nitrogen in a natural fertilizer can certainly burn plants. The concept will be more clear if you minutely examine the area of your dog’s urination. You’ll find burnt brown grass at the center where the concentrated nitrogen effect has been maximum, and the sides remain green as a minimal amount of it helps in the plantation. 

As a matter of fact, acid neutralized products are not really effective as they contain more amount of concentrated nitrogen. Due to its excessive containment, it has more acidic effects on plants. In short, all you have to look for is nitrogen and not acid. Similar to dog urine, dog feces are also harmful to lawns. However, as the feces secrets the by-products at a slower pace, it’s comparatively less harmful than dog urine.

How does a Dog Repellent work?

Handmade or ready-to-use dog repellents are often great at keeping your lawn protected from your dog and also in keeping dogs off your property. According to Dr. Steve Thompson, odor repellents and touch repellents are comparatively less impactful than taste repellents. Its usability is its most advantageous feature.

Apart from your pet, the smelly odor repellents might also seem unpleasant for your guests. In fact, sometimes, being the owner, you can’t bear the vinegar-like-smell coming out from your hands. Additionally, dogs are the smartest in recognizing smells, and they mark their own territory away from the foreign odor.

Taste Repellents

Surprisingly, dogs can also differentiate between sweet, salty, sour, and bitter tastes, just like humans. In fact, they also don’t like bitterness in their food. Therefore, you must ensure your dog doesn’t experience the bitter taste by letting it drink water every 30minutes. Unfortunately, there are certain disadvantages to these taste repellents. 

First of all, just like us, there are differences in the taste preferences of every dog. Taste that raises a dog’s hunger might not seem delicious or attractive to your pet. Secondly, you must not forget that even dogs can have allergic reactions to some food. That’s the reason most of the repellents must not be applied directly to your dog’s skin and should be tried on objects like furniture or shoes. 

Taste Repellents for dogs
Taste Repellents for dogs

Therefore, you can apply a thin layer of the repellent on your dog’s skin first and identify the reactions in order to ensure it isn’t allergic to the solution. For the best results, you can certainly consult a doctor and then look for the remedy. 

Attaining the desired results gets easier once you decide on the appropriate application of the repellent. First, pour the repellent in a small amount on a tiny fabric and immediately keep it covered on your dog’s face so it can spit the substance out after tasting it. In case you find your dog drooling, shaking its head, and vomiting, you should consider the repellent safe to apply on plants and objects seeking protection. 

Your dog will definitely recognize the nasty taste of the substance, along with its horrible smell, and will undoubtedly avoid it from afterward. Never be satisfied with its one-time application even though you achieved a great result instantly. Make sure you repeat the application on the same objects on a regular basis for a month, so you become successful in keeping your dog away from tasting them.

Odor Repellents

Being safe for dogs is the major competitive edge of the odor repellents. The substance that’s mostly used in odor repellents is vinegar. It is completely non-toxic and has zero side effects for both dogs and humans. As a matter of fact, the best suitable repellent for the garden plants is Citronella oil. It hardly gets drained by rain and is extremely long-lasting than the rest. 

Odor Repellents for dogs
Odor Repellents for dogs

Though chili powder and Cayenne pepper can have stronger effects, you must not take the risk for your dog. There is a possibility of getting your pet burning its nose channels by inhaling it excessively. On the other hand, Ammonia is also a powerful ingredient with great impactfulness. However, it can seem toxic to your plants, so apply frequently to attain better results. 

Nevertheless, there are certain disadvantages of these odor repellents. They can accumulate unnecessarily sharp odors in your living space that can result in unpleasant sensations even for humans. Additionally, it is unfortunate to say that these substances require a repetitive application, as they have really short-lasting effects.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

In case the taste and odor using prospects don’t seem suitable for you, you can choose another option that can reply to your pet with sprinkles on their approach or turn to a motion-activated sprinkler. In your lawn’s corner or in your cute tiny garden, you can easily install this device after deciding on the most damaged portions. Remember, the gadget is reactive to any movement, and this can be considered as one of its disadvantages. 

Motion Activated Sprinkler
Motion Activated Sprinkler

Be it your little one or a squirrel; it will sprinkle everyone approaching it. Nothing much will happen except for the water being wasted. Well, this is also a matter of concern as Anna Busby, The Alabama Cooperative Extension System, says that the wasted water can be extremely harmful to your wallet. Especially, you must take it as a challenge to keep your yard lush if you live in an area where water conservation is pertinent.

Stray Dog Fences

As a matter of fact, we’ve already mentioned before that short fences work as a psychological barrier. The method is utterly satisfying for your own dogs. However, if you wish to get rid of the stray dogs or your neighbor’s dogs, you would require a larger fence. 

Stray Dog Fences
Stray Dog Fences

According to Philip S. Gipson, the Unit Kansas State University Manhattan and Jeffrey S. Green, Assistant Regional Director of USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services suggested installing wire barbed net fences against stray dogs to restrict them from digging the trail under the fence. In order to disable the dog from jumping over it, it must have a height of around six feet. For best results, attach an electric wire on the top or bottom of the fence. This way, the dog won’t even attempt to jump over or dig under it. 

Alongside this, the practicality of the entirely electric fences is totally unavoidable. As a statistical structure against the dogs, the fence should have at least 12 alternative wires. Just like other repellents, electric fences also carry the burden of a few drawbacks. First of all, all the wires should be charged on a regular basis to ensure their performance. Secondly, it can easily be destroyed by bears and mice. And at last, in the areas where snowstorms are quite common, keeping an electric fence is undoubtedly difficult. 

Regardless of the restrictions, Philip S. Gipson and Jeffrey S. Green have considered these electric fences as the most effective remedy to invest in for the stray dogs. There can be other options like bait installed cages. However, there remain the possibilities of getting infected with rabies and being bitten. These solutions mostly trap the pups instead of the grown-ups. Remember to wear visual dog repellents or special sonic if you fear to be the stray dogs outside your home.

Top 11 Dog Repellents & their usage

Here we’ve presented deep insights of ten excellent dog repellents that have been praised all over the world. Post servicing over fifty years, there is a snake-like hissing spray and other advanced gadgets with ultrasound devices protecting your essentials. Other than that, there are motion-activated sprinklers, odor, liquid or granules taste repellents available for restricting unwanted dog visits.

#Grannick’s Bitter Apple

Grannicks’s Bitter Apple spray contains water and 20% isopropanol, which is a kind of alcohol that works actively in the making of hydrogen peroxide and acetone. You can certainly use this solution for pets, as it’s totally safe and secure for both pets and humans and leaves a non-toxic effect on the surface. This is specially created to protect your shoes from being destroyed by dogs.

The application of this dog repellent spray is pretty simple. The only action it requires is spraying it over the problematic areas. Other than the shoes, due to its versatile effects, you can also apply it to other objects like the furniture to keep those protected from dogs. In case you decide on its application on your own hands, you must ensure not to lick it by any chance. You shouldn’t forget that it’s extremely nasty to taste, so you better be careful.

Grannick's Bitter Apple for dogs
Grannick’s Bitter Apple for dogs

Depending upon its ratings, we can see that only 45% of people have chosen it as a five-star product, and around 15% of users have decided to give it one-star. Therefore, we cannot really call it the most popular dog repellent among users. On exploring several websites, you can find several positive feedback posted by its users. Here I’m sharing one of the reviews that I found really interesting –

“My neighbor visited my place with her dog, and it was almost nibbling my shoes. As soon as I sprayed my shoes, it started sniffing and investigating around my shoes why those weren’t tasty anymore. It was funny and worked like magic.”

Despite being a great repellent spray, it has short-term effects. In fact, if you choose to spray it in the open air (garden area, open roof), it has absolutely zero effects. Considering that, I would like to mention another feedback from another user –

“The application of Grannick’s bitter apple on wood, metal, plastic, or anything painted gets totally wasted without harming the surface. Even though I mostly applied it inside my house, the effect goes away pretty fast. I wonder how it can work on anything outside the premises in the open air.”

#Halt! Dog Repellent Spray 1.5 oz

Capsaicin made of pepper is the active ingredient of the Halt dog repellent spray for protecting You from unwanted dog attacks. It’s worth is already proven by the American Post availing its effectiveness for around fifty years. If you explore the review section of this product, you will find it tagging under five-stars from around 70% of its users, considering it to be the most effective dog repellent spray.

Halt! Dog Repellent Spray
Halt! Dog Repellent Spray

Halt is pretty simple to use, and due to its 4.9-inch height, it perfectly fits your hand. Surprisingly, if the dog is twelve to thirteen feet away, it never fails to reach its target.

As the dog needs to get it in the eyes directly or inhale the substance of the product, you mustn’t aim at any other object other than the dog. Otherwise, it has absolutely zero effects on the dog. Additionally, you must ensure it doesn’t get through your eyes as it can have adverse effects on humans and especially the eyes.

The most important aspect of this product is it doesn’t come with a specific expiry date. Suppose, you use it just for once and keep it unused for years, you can again re-use it and still find it working equally impactful. In this context, I would like to mention one feedback provided bygone of its users – 

“The product works pretty well for a random decent dog, not exactly intending to affect your pet. However, a pain tolerant ferocious dog absolutely willing to get into a breath-taking fight; it’s not at all an effective dog repellent spray.”

#Hoont Electronic Dog Repellent And Trainer with LED Flashlight

In order to repel ferocious dogs, Hoont Electronic Dog Repellent And Trainer with LED Flashlight is one of the most affordable products. Simultaneously, it can also train your own dog to not to get accustomed to its strange unwanted behavior. The ultrasound that dogs can easily navigate to, and humans can’t, are entirely driven away by this wonderful device. 

Hoont Electronic Dog Repellent
Hoont Electronic Dog Repellent

As per the manufacturers, Hoont is one of the finest humane paths for repelling unwanted, ferocious, or aggressive dogs. As it leaves a long-lasting impact for up to fifty feet in distant places, it is totally safe to use. The most crucial aspect is its size, as it can easily fit inside your pocket. So whenever you feel the need, you just make it out and use it. 

Despite having such great qualities, there are certain sets of feedback that tell a different story. As per many of its users, the product doesn’t come with an assured outcome. Here, I would mention one of their verdicts, so you understand what I mean –

“The device isn’t really that effective unless the dog or cat is very sensitive. My neighbors’ dogs and the stray dogs almost ignore it whenever applied. Though some of the cats in our area do freak out.”

#The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

For correcting unusual or uncertain behavior of dogs, the behaviorists and trainers around the world have recommended The Company of Animals Pet Corrector as one of the finest products. Once you go through the review section, you’ll be totally satisfied with its five-star reviews provided by almost 75% of its users.

Pet Corrector
Pet Corrector

The product makes a snake-like or geese-like hiss on using it and releases compressed gas that directly goes to the dogs’ eyes or skin. There is an inherent fear of this product among the pet community. However, you must remember that the product isn’t really that powerful to calm down the aggressive stray dogs. Other than being an absolutely safe and odorless solution to uncertain dog behavior, it does come up with an insightful manual of training dogs. Here is another important feedback provided by one of its users –

“On seeing a dog, you should first shout out “ no” to it and then spray it from a certain distance. Thus the dog stops behaving strangely and doesn’t seem to attack you further. As soon as the dog stops its unwanted behavior, never forget to praise it. The idea is to ensure your dog reacts to the word “no” instead of responding to the spray.”

#First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control

The ultrasound that is only audible to dogs’ ears and not ours is entirely eliminated by First Alert Bark Genie Handheld Bark Control. On its application, the dogs immediately stop barking. Even from the distance of fifteen feet, the device works accurately.

Dog Repellents
First Alert

Despite being appreciated by worldwide manufacturers as one of the best dog repellent devices, some of the users have largely disagreed with the fact. Where almost 45% of its users have written five-star reviews on the device, 25% of them have deliberately given it a one-star rating. Here are some of the feedback provided by two of its users who placed the review after seeing the outcome.

“The dog repellent is great for my dog, who is already trained beforehand. However, my cousin’s dog is extremely stubborn, and the product seems to have zero impact on it.”

“Without the incorporation of primary training sessions and consistent usage, the product has absolutely no effect on dogs. When a dog is barking at its loudest, you can’t just apply it repetitively on the dog and expect it to stop instantly. In fact, my dog is so acclimated to its hiss sound that it doesn’t respond to it anymore.”

#DOG HORN XL – Safety Spot

The sound that DOG HORN makes on its application is absolutely unpleasant to the dogs’ ears. The product is highly appreciated by both trainers and vets. It works excellently to repel attacking stray dogs and for training your own pets.

DOG HORN XL – Safety Spot

Remember, the weird sound it makes on pressing a button is not really soothing to your own ears as well. In fact, your neighbors can also hear it clearly as the noise is pretty loud. Additionally, you can also turn the sound into a whistle, as the device has versatile modes. Almost 61% of its users have placed five-star reviews against the product. Here I represent one of those reviews –

“On being approached by an unwanted dog, I immediately use DOG HORN. It’s finally the one I’ve been looking for to stay protected. It works like magic in my pet dog as it instantly just stops responding to other approaching dogs. A win-win product to drive away aggression without causing any harm to anyone.” 

#Liquid Fence 130 Dog and Cat Repellent Ready-to-Use

Natural vegetable oils are the active ingredients of the Liquid Fence 130 Dog and Cat Repellent Ready-to-Use, and it has been praised worldwide. Gardens, lawns, and flowerbeds should be the areas of its application. In order to restrict cats and dogs to a mage the plants and digging out the soil, this is one of the finest recommendations.

Liquid Fence 130 Dog and Cat Repellent
Liquid Fence 130 Dog and Cat Repellent

Additionally, you mustn’t forget to wear gloves while applying it, as it leaves a nasty smell on your hands. The effectiveness of the product is not yet suitable for many of the users. For example –

“Liquid Fence claims so much and does so little. I read through the whole manual section repetitively and applied it more often for better results but failed every time. I decided to transfer the liquid into a hand tank sprayer dispensing more of it, as the initial sprayer might be releasing too little. And guess what, it again didn’t work at all.”

Theoretically, scientists have claimed that all the ingredients of the Liquid Fence should repel dogs successfully. However, it’s ratings show a different picture, though. Rain and low concentration might be the reasons for its failure, and maybe a high-end gadget can have more potent effects.

#Outdoor Solar Powered and Weatherproof Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repellent 

With 54% of its users’ five-star reviews, Outdoor Solar Powered and Weatherproof Ultrasonic Dog/Cat/Mosquito Repellent are one of the best, cheap and highest rating products. It successfully repels nice, wild bears, cats, dogs, and birds by emitting the ultrasonic sound. The product completely safeguards your home. It’s the best part is its power charging by solar batteries, which are absolutely energy-saving. Irrespective of the season and weather, the product remains equally powerful as per the manufacturers. 

Outdoor Solar Powered Ultrasonic Dog Repellent
Outdoor Solar Powered Ultrasonic Dog Repellent

An unheard nasty sound is produced by the built-in season as soon as it identifies a motion. The sound is negligible to human ears but is certainly repelling to animals. You can just keep it hanging on the wall or install it in the soil. It remains equally powerful from a distant place.

There is unanimous behavior identified among its users about its effectiveness. One of its disadvantages is you must replace the solar batteries every four-five months. However, it’s quite popular among users, and once you explore the reviews section, you’ll find some of those verdicts. For example –

“I kept the Weatherproof Ultrasonic Repellent on my lawn for two to three days. It actually worked, and I got zero dogs or cat poop in my garden. I would be glad to recommend this animal repellent to everyone I know getting anxious about stray dogs or cats.”

#Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

The more we explore the dog repelling gadgets, the more I like the idea as it’s absolutely safe for both humans and pets. Point to be noted, the Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler has separate day and night detection features and is triple expensive in terms of the rest. The device can rotate 120° along with its day and night mode features. As soon as an animal approaches the device, it instantly sprinkles the animal with water, which can be quite unpleasant to the cats and dogs.

Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler
Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler

Additionally, in order to ensure longer battery life and optimize water overflowing, the device works on a special technology. Thus you don’t have to worry about paying an increased water bill due to restrictive features for water overuse. Surprisingly, more than 57% of its users have given five-star ratings to this wonderful product. Here is one of the users’ feedback –

“I’m very happy with the product. I was totally devastated by the stray dogs pooping in my garden every day. Thankfully, the headache is gone as they don’t come back again after I hung the Sprinkler in my garden. They do everything just to avoid the Sprinkler. It’s funny and quite satisfying.”

#Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent

Being rich in natural ingredients, 5-Pounds Granular Shaker of the Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent repels dogs easily with its odor and taste. Capsaicin, peppering, and black pepper oil are the active ingredients of this product. Apart from dogs, the product also targets squirrels, raccoons, and skunks and cuts down a lot of your budget.

Havahart Critter Ridder
Havahart Critter Ridder

Around the flower bed, in the garden, on the lawn, on the decorative trees, plants, and anywhere outdoors, you can apply this solution. Also, you can apply it in the warehouses if you wish to apply it indoors. The solution has the potentiality to cover around 300 sq. ft. Area and is absolutely water-resistant. The impact of the treatment remains for 30days, which is again quite impressive.

However, the product doesn’t seem to be very pleasant for its users. It has achieved five-star reviews only from 25% of its users. And almost 45% of them have rated it with one-star. According to some, the product isn’t rain-proof at all. Here is one of the reviews – 

“I was going through troubles with dog-poops in my lawn. I specifically applied it to control dogs. I spread the solutions just as directed in the manual. There was no rain, nothing, and I found the dog poop again in my lawn at the same place. It seems to not affect it.” 

#Ortho Dog and Cat B Gon Dog and Cat Repellent

Another dog repellent aiming to prevent dog disturbance on lawns and gardens is Ortho Dog and Cat B Gon Dog and Cat Repellent 2-Pound Granules. It gained 45% of one-star reviews, while only 25% of its users have rated it with five-star reviews. The best part is it’s inexpensive and quite accessible than many of the rest due to its less amount of content.

Ortho Dog Repellent
Ortho Dog Repellent

Castor oil, geraniol, and peppermint oil are the major ingredients of the product. The cover portion of the product reaches up to 1400 sq.ft. and is only effective on dogs and cats, unlike the Havahart Critter Ridder. The solution must be spread on the soil. As soon as they get the nasty smell, the dogs and cats immediately move out of the restricted zone and don’t seem to return. Please ensure that the substances anyhow don’t get in touch with the leaves while you apply it with edible plants on the soil. 

There is a possibility of the repellent being drained away by the downpours, so you must be attentive in this manner. Heavy rainfall can certainly cut down the impact of the repellent, and you would be wasting 100% of your money if you’re not alert beforehand. Here is one of the reviews posted by its user – 

“While I was working on my new garden, I applied the Ortho Cat and Dog Repellent in the soil as guided to keep our pet dogs and cats always from the area. It didn’t work and is an absolute waste of money and time.”


What scent will keep dogs away?

Dogs considered man’s best friend. Although they bring joy but owning them is a big challenge itself. Especially, they tend to become too notorious when you pamper them so the best thing to punish them more gently is to play with their olfactory cells. Smelling is the most developed sense in your canines. It is almost ten times more developed than humans. You may try with

  1. Hot peppers- it is mainly due to its component called capsaicin which refrains dogs to visit the unwanted spots.
  2. Citrus although it seems tangy and fresh to our salivary buds they are irritant to our furry companion so you can keep any citrus fruit fresh peels in your house or in the garden where they wander about and cause unnecessary troubles.
  3. Mothballs – it is quite an effective remedy just like they keep moths at bay to protect your clothes, they have a tendency to keep dogs away as well. But they are harmful to dogs. 

Other scented products like perfume, vinegar, or ammonia are also detested by dogs. If it is difficult for you to try them in a natural form you can always substitute it in a spray form.

How do I keep dogs off my property?

If you have sworn by a hot pepper, vinegar, or ammonia but still if the dog is frequenting back and desecrating your lawn it is a time to resort to some creative ingenuity to solve this issue.

Try fencing your property; it may despise the stray dog or neighboring dogs. If you think this is an expensive option you can surround your lawn with thorny or prickly plants and shrubs which will not only enhance your property but act as a deterrent to the stray dogs.

Eliminating interesting odor from your yard could also distract canines from your property Set small wood mouse snap traps in the lawn where you discovered dogs roaming around, the sudden loud snap startles dogs enough to chase them away

What can you use as a dog repellent?

If you are done with home remedies but still they are unpredictable you can resort to dog repellent spray which is easily available in a pet store.

What scent deters dogs from peeing?

When you brought your pup home your joy knew no bounds but when he tried to pee all over your house you must have been in a terrible mood despite your training your pooch is unable to learn how to pee in a selected spot. Scenting its favorite peeing spot may work like a charm.

Vinegar – It is an inexpensive remedy. Just spray or pour vinegar in his favorite peeing spot. It will detest going there until the smell vanishes away.

Ammonia– The smell of ammonia makes it irresistible for dogs more than any other element. Use some cotton balls and soak it into the ammonia solution or spray ammonia solution on the furniture or the floor around the house (in the problematic area). He or she won’t be eliminated anywhere near the stuff.

Essential Oils– A few drops of eucalyptus or cinnamon essential oil may work wonders to refrain the dogs to pee in and around the area of your house.  Mix the solution with water first, as the solution may be potent.

Will Apple cider vinegar keep dogs away?

Dogs detest vinegar which is acetic acid and has a slightly higher pH than Apple Cider Vinegar. Therefore, dogs do not hate ACV. Rather, ACV proves to be a blessing more than harm to dogs. They are popular to treat common canine ailments naturally. It is used to soothe itchy skin and dull spots, it helps as a repellent from fleas improving digestion, keeping ear infection at bay. Topical applications like burns, bruises, or hotspots. 

* caveat- never give ACV directly to your dog. Always dilute it with water and use it. 

What do dogs hate the most?

Like humans, dogs too have emotions, likes, and dislikes. When you have spent considerable time with your dog you know what it loves to do. However, sometimes we still are not sure when they act weird so here are a few pointers that can tell what your dogs hate the most. They don’t like hugging them too tight. A little bit of snuggling is fine but a tight hug would make them uncomfortable.

If you expose them to a louder or noise environment, they may turn hostile and may want to return to their comfort zone. So choose the environment wisely when you bring them to socialize. Some smells in your house could make them head for hills because a sense of smell is its unique asset and they are sensitive to any smell in the air or on the surface.

So here we draw an end to the dog repellent discussion. You can try out any of these and keep your yards safe and away from unwanted dogs’ and cats’ appearance.

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