Cutting Laminate Countertops [Total Guide]

laminate countertop

Cutting laminate countertops cannot happen in a gimmick. When you are installing a laminate countertop two things seem to happen. Firstly, the performed countertops will be moderately higher than the installed cabinet. Secondly, the walls at the back of the cabinet will be out of bowed or squared. Solving one or two problems needs little more than a little cutting.

Cutting laminate countertops

Cutting laminate countertops correctly ensures the brittle laminate covering doest, not chip or crack. During the cutting process, one bad move can destroy the whole length of the laminate countertop. 

Cutting Laminate Countertops to a length

  • Measure the length required for the countertop at various points with a tape measure while cutting laminate countertops. Remember or write down the shortest measurement. 
Cutting Laminate Countertops
  • Place a countertop on a table surface along with the laminate surface facing down. Tug the tape measure along with the countertop and put a pencil mark at the shortest measured length. Position the long leg of a framing square along with the length mark and press the short square leg tight to the forward edge of the countertop. Pull the pencil with the long square leg to mark a cut line. 
Cutting Countertops
  • Line up the inside edge of a circular saw blade with the cut line, along with the edge of the blade facing the piece of countertop you are cutting off. Make a mark on the same side of the saw guard sitting inside the blade edge. 
  • Put a piece of 1 by 2-inch lumber on the countertop and in its top part with the 2-inch width settling flat on the countertop. Line up the one side of the lumber along the mark representing the guide of saw & keep the lumber out of the area between the guide mark & cut line. 
  • Dart four 1 ¼ – inch screws through the 1 by 2- inch board into the backside of the countertop with a screw gun. Fixed a shorter piece of 1 by 2- inch lumber to the countertop backlash by using the same location as the first piece of lumber. 
  • While cutting laminate countertops, laze the saw guide on the side of the lumber. When holding the saw guide tight to the secured lumber, cut the countertop. Remove the lumber after the cut with the backsplash and countertop is completed. 
How to cut a laminate countertop

Match cut back of Countertop top to wall 

  • Put the laminate countertop on the top of its cabinet with its back facing the edge of the wall. Cover the back by 2 inches of the countertop with the masking tape as the first step for cutting laminate countertops. Push the countertop towards the top right of the wall. Measure the distance between the front face of the cabinet and the front edge of the countertop. 
cutting Laminate countertop
  • Regulate a scribing tool, the distance between the front of the countertop and the cabinet face. Grab the needle leg of the scribing tool against the wall to mark the cutting distance on the surface of the countertop. 
  • Regulate a scribing tool, the distance between the front of the countertop & the cabinet face. Grab the needle leg of the scribing tool against the wall to mark the cutting distance on the surface of the countertop. 
  • Remove the countertop from the cabinet. 
  • Advanced along the pencil mark with the belt to remove the excess material from the back edge of a countertop. 
Cutting laminate countertops

   Cut Sink Opening

  1. Spot the center of the sink cabinet on the front of the laminate countertop. 
  2. Line up the center of the sink template along with the center of the cabinet. Press the template into the surface of the countertop. Trace the sink template with a pencil. 
  3. Put a length of 1 by 2- inch lumber over the template. Ensure that the lumber extends at least 2 inches past both sides of the templates. Run a 1 ¼ – inch screw along with the lumber into the surface of the countertop. 
  4. Drill a ⅜ – inch hole at the corners of the template with a ⅜ – inch drill bit secured in the chuck of the drill. 
laminate countertops

5. Place the masking tape around the traced outline of the template for the last step of cutting laminate countertops. Slide the blade of the jigsaw into ⅜ hole- inch hole and cut along the marked line. When another drilled hole is reached then turn the jigsaw. 

Things that you will require: 

  1. Tape Measure
  2. Pencil
  3. Framing Square
  4. Circular saw
  5. 1 by 2- inch lumber
  6. 1 ¼- inch wood screws
  7. Screw Gum
  8. Belt sander with 220 grit sandpaper belt
  9. Masking Tape
  10. Scribing Tool 
  11. Sink Template
  12. ⅜ inch drill bit
  13. Drill
  14. Jigsaw


When drilling and cutting the laminate countertops, don’t forget to wear safety glasses and work gloves. 

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What kind of blade do you use to cut laminate countertops?

The laminate countertop should always be cut from the reverse side to avoid any chipping or cracking of the countertop while cutting through it. The best blade is a circular saw with fine-toothed carbide used for cutting plywood

Can a Dremel cut laminate countertop?

YES, Dremel is a rotary tool which is famous for its versatility. With Dremel, it seems easy to cut laminate countertops but it is dangerous if pressure is applied to it. So practice is a key and once you are used to it let the tool work for you.

Will Home Depot cut laminate countertops?

Home Depot helps you in deciding the surface material, style and colour for your kitchen. But cutting the countertop has to be done by a local carpenter with the help of a kitchen design specialist.

How hard is it to cut laminate countertops?

It is indeed difficult to get your hands to cut perfect finished laminate countertops. But with continuous practice and following proper guidelines you can easily get a clean cut off of your counter. 

Always start with proper measurements. Mount the laminate countertop on a stable workbench. Keep the part that you are going to cut off stranded. With the help of a pencil, mark the cut line and cover it with masking tape. Use a carpenter square to draw a cut line on the masking tape. Clamp a piece of wood to the counter top.

Start with a circular saw blade and set it deeper on the counter top. Cut along the measured line and against the wooden fence. Make a hole for a sink with a jigsaw. Test the sink and make any adjustments if required. Mount your counter top onto the kitchen cabinets.

How can I cut laminate without chipping?

Laminate counter tops have a plastic finish and a base layer of wood or particleboard. If it is cut straight without precaution the saw blade will sink its teeth into the laminate resulting in chipping it. To avoid this situation always use a circular blade designed specifically for cutting laminate boards. They have sharp teeth for clean cuts. 


That’s all from us folks! Don’t forget to take precautions while cutting laminate countertops. If you faced any glitch are still having some queries regarding cutting laminate countertops, then drop them in the comments below. We’ll get back to you instantly. Stay connected for more easy hacks. See you in our next article. 

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