Calculating Convection Oven Cooking Times

calculating convection oven cooking times

Have you ever bought a new convection oven but now, are fussing over how exactly do you use it for recipes that require a conventional oven or the general fuss about calculating convection oven cooking times? I believe that is exactly why I have you here. 

calculating convection oven cooking times

Well, trust me as I’ve been there. With all the busy days and schedules, cooking may seem less important while eating homemade food without having to cook becomes a wish for many of us. 

Intrigued? Well, keep reading because we are talking about Calculating convection oven cooking times and convection ovens in general! 

What is a Convection oven? 

Are you in the market for a new oven because your previous one broke down? You have heard about convection ovens and how they are great but also the disadvantages they come with. 

But now that you think about it, the disadvantages don’t really bother you all that much, so, having thoughts about purchasing a convection oven? Well, no worries because I’m here to tell you about what a convection oven exactly is! 

A convection oven consists of a fan and exhaust that helps in cooking your food evenly since it circulates all the hot air in and around the cavity of the oven. This reduces hot and cool spots and cooks any food placed on any of the racks present inside the oven. 

Well, this cooks food a lot faster than usual, providing a dish that has been evenly cooked. Also, the fan and exhaust inside the oven help you achieve crispy food that is juicy on the inside and delicious and slightly brown on the out. 

The difference between a conventional oven and a convection oven is that in a conventional one, the air inside the oven is heated up which helps cook the food. 

While in a convection oven, the air is heated up and moved around inside the oven to cook your food.

Calculating Convection Oven Cooking Times 

We all know how everyone is different. Similarly, each oven is different too but all the recipes aren’t made for every oven, are they? This is why the adjustment is a good thing here, so, let’s take a look at how you can use a convection oven for recipes that require conventional ovens with a difference while calculating convection oven cooking times.

  • Dropping a little bit of time- reduce the time the original recipe said for cooking by almost 25%. 
  • Reduce the temperature- another way to cook conventional oven recipes in convection ovens is by reducing the temperature by about 25 degrees F, this would be about 15 degrees C. 
  • Reduce both- an addition to the above method, reduce the time to less than 25% too with a temperature drop of less than 25%. 

Say, you are baking a mug cake and the recipe says to bake the cake at 350 degrees F for 12 minutes in an oven. Well, What you do instead is this- 

  • For the first method- bake the cake at 350 degrees F but for 9-10 minutes. 
  • For the second method- bake the mug cake at 325 degrees F but for 12 minutes. 
  • As for the third method- approximately about 340 degrees F for 11 minutes or similar adjustment according to your elements. 

Although, this is just an example I have given you for calculating convection oven cooking times. Remember to refer to the above methods and your recipe for the right, estimated time and temperature to use. Also, a tip would be checking your food 5-10 minutes before the full time is up. 

This helps you get used to your convection oven and prevent you from overcooking your food while giving you an approximate time for your food to be ready. 

Advantages of Convection Ovens

Convection Oven Cooking Times
  • The distribution of heat is even which results in evenly cooked food. 
  • The rotating has been taken down a notch here. 
  • Roasting, crisping, and browning are improved immensely. 
  • You can expect a faster roasting and baking using convection ovens. 
  • The preheating does not take too long either. 
  • You can cook multiple dishes at once. 
  • Such ovens are capable of running long baking cycles all while keeping the food juicy, making it a huge plus point. 

Convection Oven Do’s

For best results, adjust the temperate while calculating convection oven cooking times and time for your recipe. 

Using bakewares and cookware that have a lower side will help you achieve enhanced air circulation. 

Use the roasting, browning, and crisping options offered by Convection Ovens for the best results. 

Convention Oven Don’ts

It is highly advisable to not block the convection fan using tall cookwares. 

Well, Overloading and overcrowding your oven will make it less efficient. 

Do not use the convection settings for baked goods, delicate desserts that are moist, for example, cheesecakes, flans, banana bread, and angel food cake. 


Can reducing only time be used as a method of using a conventional oven recipe in a convection oven? 

As a matter of fact, this is one way in which you can use a recipe that requires a conventional oven but you have a convection one. 

Is it possible to cook food whose recipe requires a conventional oven in a convection oven? 

Absolutely! You just have to make slight changes to the temperature and time and you are good to go! 

What are the pros of a convection oven? 

Well, Convection ovens are known for their ability to cook food evenly and properly. Also, the food gets crisp and it doesn’t require all that much energy either. 

Can reducing only the temperature be used as a method of using a conventional oven recipe in a convection oven? 

Oh, yes, this is one way in which you can use a recipe that requires a conventional oven but you have a convection one. 

What are some cons of a convection oven? 

A couple of cons convection ovens possess are-

  • The settings aren’t always used. 
  • You have to change the settings every time you use a conventional recipe. 

Can you use a Convection oven for cooking your flan? 

Although this is possible, you should take precautions before cooking such moist food items in the oven, and if possible, do not use the oven for flan, cheesecakes, or such food items at all. 

For shorter cooking times like in case of baking cookies, the adjustment will be smaller than for those requiring large cooking times like roasting something. 

Don’t we all get tired of cooking sometimes? Maybe it was a long day at work, or you’re sick. Whatever the case is, a convection oven is always an excellent option to reheat food as well as cook it if required. 

Convection ovens are a great help but can be a little tiring too. Although tiring, they are a great help when we are sick. Cooking mac and cheese in a mug becomes easy with such tools in your house. 

Although, using new tools bring experiments, and with experiments come fails. This is not a problem here because all these experiments with overcooked and sometimes food will be worth it once you hit the sweet spot and know how to use such ovens! 

But now that you know how to use a convection oven for recipes that have used a conventional oven and all about calculating convection oven cooking times, how about you whip up some cream and top it on a vanilla cake you baked in your new convection oven?

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